11 Shows To Watch After The Squid Game If You Fancy More Fkd Up Dramas

So you are done Squid game on Netflix, the show that has everyone and their gganbu praised, and now you need more. You are insatiable. Your tentacles just want something else. Well, fear not, I’ve got you covered.

For starters, let me be clear, there are plenty of shows like Squid game, but none quite capture the same tension, clever writing, and gorgeous visuals that the South Korean thriller has. Here are some offers of a similar nature to Squid game, but excellent in their own way.

And don’t worry, we’ve got all the streaming services covered for you, so you won’t run out of options. Here we are:

The hunger Games

24 children enter an arena to participate in a televised blood sport for the entertainment of the rich and the exorbitant rich. Sounds just like Squid game but more fucked up because it is.

You won’t get excessive gore or onscreen violence here, but you will get the excessive costumes and Jennifer lawrence an acting game that will satisfy you through four increasingly tense films.

Now streaming on Binge, Stan and Netflix.

Child of love (Binge)

love child netflix

A South Korean couple’s child dies of neglect, and the couple attribute their crippling internet addiction to a game called Prius Online.

The thing is, it’s not a movie, it’s a documentary. Life is sometimes the most fucked up of all.

Now streaming on Binge.



The answer to Earth’s Second Ice Age is to drive a (mostly) luxury train around the world, on a massive line that seems to never end. Who built the rails? It does not matter. People are dying, Kim.

The front of the train belongs to the rich fools, while the back of the train belongs to the poorest, who do not even have access to adequate food. Of course, this shit can’t last long, and therefore an uplift occurs.

Now streaming on Binge and Stan.

The Belko experience

the belko experience

80 Belko Corp. employees are transformed into pawns of a rather violent game, as they find themselves trapped in their building and ordered to slowly kill their own limbs.

Who comes out on top, and how did a strange voice manage to take over an entire building and its intercom so easily? Only one way to find out, folks.

Now streaming on Stan.

The purge

the purge

What if every year there was a 12 hour stint in America where every crime became legal? It sounds like something they would do, to be honest, but that’s the idea that The purge highlights.

Of course, there are people who just want to eat their tuna casserole in peace, so what happens when the excessively violent meets the passive?

Now streaming on Stan.


netflix kingdom shows october

A mysterious plague that turns people into zombies begins to ravage a fictional kingdom in South Korea, but politics still find a way to prevent everyone from getting to safety. As the elite blocks the less fortunate by closing their doors, selfishness kicks in.

It’s one of my favorite hidden gems from Netflix, and it has a surprising amount of twists and turns you won’t see coming.

Now streaming on Netflix.


extracurricular netflix

A high school student starts a highly illegal sex trafficking business to earn enough money for college, and once his colleagues find out about what he’s doing, they decide to join them in committing horrific crimes.

Can a criminal ring led by a group of greedy students last forever? I guess you’ll have to watch and see what happens.

Now streaming on Netflix.

Sweet home

Sweet Home Netflix Shows Like A Squid Game

Monsters wipe out the city and a group of strangers trapped in a building decide to band together to destroy the creepy bugs that pursue them.

There’s enough blood, gore, and hard-to-watch horror that you’ll definitely forget about the fun CGI monsters that aren’t even as uncomfortable as some of the themes featured here.

Now streaming on Netflix.

Alice in the land of borders

alice in the borderland squid game

Imagine if the whole city of Tokyo was turned into a bloody game series where the difficulty is determined by playing cards and people are shot in an instant by red lasers in the sky for not winning.

If all of this piqued your interest, Alice in the land of borders is for you.

Now streaming on Netflix.

It’s good not to be well

It's good to disagree netflix squid game

On a lighter note, just because you liked it Squid game doesn’t necessarily mean you enjoy all the thrills it provides.

It’s good not to be well is a romantic South Korean comedy drama that will keep you hooked without the need for a giant doll singing “red light, green light”. Win win.

Now streaming on Netflix.

Only the murders in the building

only murders in the construction squid game

Another lighter choice that retains the thrills, drama, and intensity that you may have grown to love. Squid game.

Three strangers who share an obsession with a true crime podcast decide to start their own after someone is killed in their apartment building. A classic thriller directed by three stellar actors. Plus it’s always good to see Selena Gomez going back to acting, that’s where we all fell in love with her for the first time.

Now streaming on Disney +.

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