19-year-old karate master dies after stunt of fire gone awry

A 19-year-old karate teacher succumbed to burns while performing karate stunts at an event in Tamil Nadu’s Pudukkoti district. Footage of the shocking incident was recorded on camera, showing the young master performing dangerous stunts before being engulfed in fire. The victim, identified as Balaji, was immediately taken to the nearest hospital. However, he couldn’t survive and breathed his last on Friday while undergoing treatment. Meanwhile, the local police station has registered a case and is investigating the matter.

The accident

On Friday evening, a group of karate students and teachers practiced open-earth stunts in Pudukkoti, Tamil Nadu. Different groups performed different stunts. In the midst of the ongoing karate practice, a young college boy named Balaji was performing stunts with fire. The stunt was initially going well until the fire got bigger from the strong wind that engulfed the young karate master. In a video of the incident shared on social media, Balaji is seen running on the ground after being engulfed by the fire. Meanwhile, those present on sight rushed to put out the fire. In a viral video, a karate master is seen surrounded by the karate group as he was engulfed in fire; however, he did not survive due to severe burns.

Tamil Nadu police also rushed to the scene when they learned of the incident. Police officials have also registered a case regarding the case, and an investigation is underway. Meanwhile, the karate group stopped their practice, as the incident exacerbated fear among them.

A teenager died while performing a bicycle stunt when his motorcycle suddenly caught fire in a similar incident. The incident was reported in Bandra, Mumbai, where a group of local bikers fearlessly performed dangerous stunts on a regular basis. However, things took a brutal turn when one of their companions died from a fire.

Image Credit: UNSPLASH / AP

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