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POKHARA, August 21: Preparations for the 9th National Games have begun. It was announced two days before the start of the training and selection competition from Pokhara, the capital of Gandaki province. The 9th National Games consist of 38 matches – 36 competitive matches and two exhibition matches. There is no one training in Manang, Mustang, Tanahun and Lamjung. In the remaining 7 districts, there is one trainer in Parbat, two in Gorkha, one in Myagdi, three in Baglung, two in Nawalpur, one in Syangja and five in Kaski. Most instructors are only for Taekwondo and Siterio Karate.

“There is no sports administration in Lamjung. Since there is no administration, there is no question of having a coach,” Laxman Prasad Yogi, the office manager of the Western Region Sports Development Committee, told Pokhara. “There are no sports coaches in Manang, Mustang and Tanahun”. For him, volunteer coaches did the job of organizing the game. On the shoulders of these volunteer coaches lies the responsibility to win medals for the province of Gandaki.

In Pokhara, the provincial capital, there are only National Sports Council volleyball, weightlifting, fitness, karate (siterio) and taekwondo coaches. The Wushu trainer retired not long ago. There are trainers for Full Contact Karate in Syangja, Siterio Karate in Nawalpur, Gymnastics, Taekwondo and Wushu in Baglung, Taekwondo in Myagdi, Taekwondo and Karate in Gorkha and Athletics in Parbat.

The Ninth National Games include Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Athletics, Badminton, Table Tennis, Hockey, Boxing, Kabaddi, Weightlifting, Shooting, Gymnastics, Swimming, handball, judo, wrestling, soft tennis, squash, taekwondo, wushu, basketball, physical fitness, sports included are Buddhichal, Kho Kho, Karate, Full Contact Karate, ITF Taekwondo, Sepak Takraw, Golf, Archery, Cycling, Fencing, Triathlon, Paragliding, Rugby (Seven a Side), Chhelo (Exhibition) and Cannoning (Exhibition).

During the inauguration of the Ninth National Games Competition Secretariat at the Pokhara Stadium on Sunday, the federal government released the necessary budget for the Ninth National Games, Youth and Sports Minister Maheshwar Jung Gahatraj said: “Sport cannot be stopped because of the budgetary problem. “He said he is also preparing to appoint the necessary technicians for the domestic competition after determining the number needed.

“The National Sports Council will determine the number of technicians (coaches) needed. Wherever there is a need, we will start training by appointing volunteer coaches under contract,” he said. Sport must be linked to tourism. Pokhara itself is a tourist area. Gahatraj insisted that Gandaki Province and Pokhara Metropolitan City should also focus on making the ninth civilized and magnificent National Games.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Secretariat, the Mayor of the Metropolitan City of Pokhara, Dhanraj Acharya, mentioned that the sports ground is the one that binds the nation in the formula of unity and expressed his commitment to support the 9th National Games in any way possible. The chief minister of Gandaki province, Krishna Chandra Pokharel Nepali, was also present at the inauguration ceremony.

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