AnEsonGib ends beef with Tayler Holder on YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing results

Internet stars AnEsonGib and Tayler Holder have officially crushed their beef following Gib’s viral boxing win over Austin McBroom over the weekend.

AnEsonGib and Tayler Holder’s grudge began the day after their fight on the YouTubers vs TikTokers chart in the summer of 2021.

Team TikTok was thoroughly beaten at the event, but the fight between Gib and Holder was a particular point of contention among fans.

Their match was initially declared a draw, but was later replaced with a win for Gib by the International Sports Karate Association after the ordeal sparked a lot of backlash online (and even prompted Gib to request a second opinion from the commission).

Notably, Gib scored far more punches than his opponent and was broadly offensive, landing 26 more total punches than Holder.


Holder couldn’t bring himself to agree with the decision, calling Gib a “garbage fighter” and asking him to “offer me a contract and my money or shut the fuck up, because you’re making me lose my money.” time”.

However, things seem to have changed the day after AnEsonGib’s final boxing match against Austin McBroom, which he won in the fourth round to thunderous applause.

This marks a major win for the YouTuber (and even resulted in a possible rematch with Jake Paul) – and seemingly sparked a reconciliation on Tayler Holder’s side.

The two have officially ended their past grudge, as seen in a video uploaded to social media where the two influencer-boxers hugged.

It appears the video was recorded ahead of Gibs’ weigh-in with McBroom on Friday, September 9. Holder expressed some curiosity about the time of his weigh-in and showed his support for the British designer – a huge change from their earlier animosity.

For now, it looks like these two are on good terms again… but one person who is decidedly not on Tayler’s good side is Bryce Hall, who continues to go into a fight with Holder on a very condition. specific.

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