Best shows to watch on Netflix for Lunar New Year 2022, Entertainment News

The Year of the Tiger is fast approaching and Lunar New Year specials are an irreplaceable part of the festivities.

The party is reminiscent of many shows that people watch at reunion dinners or on home visits. Netflix has curated a slate of shows this Lunar New Year that subscribers can tune into for the holiday season.

There are both classics and recent shows spanning multiple genres, so there’s bound to be something for everyone.

This is a 2008 film starring Donnie Yen as the titular Grandmaster of Wing Chun, Ip Man. It’s a classic modern Hong Kong action movie known for its stellar fight choreography.

The entire quadrilogy boasts some of the best fights in the history of martial arts cinema. The story of this first film revolves around Ip Man, a martial artist with pacifist tendencies, forced to fight against a Japanese occupying general.


New Police Story stars Jackie Chan, with his dangerous stunts and creative action pieces. Chan has many great films under his belt, and this one is one of the timeless ones that is always fun to watch.


Films about gambling are a must during the Lunar New Year. There’s nothing quite like feeling the adrenaline and excitement of a high-stakes game without risking anything.

God of Gamblers II stars Andy Lau, Stephen Chow, Ng Man-tat and Sharla Cheung in intricate action sequences with generous comedic moments.


Wish Dragon was released in 2021, where the protagonist, Din, finds a dragon in a teapot that can grant wishes.

It’s a twist on Aladdin, dealing with relevant and timeless themes of identity, belonging, greed and kindness. It’s an animated film for the whole family.


It’s a film that features impressive special effects while also not being afraid to touch on the darker side of Rudyard Kipling short stories.

The story portrays both the brutality and compassion within the inhabitants of the jungle, and through this holds up a mirror to society, asking larger questions about life if viewers choose to dig deeper.


Who said growing up and saving the world couldn’t be fun? The Kungfu Panda Trilogy has Po, the protagonist, coming to terms with his fate and identity while showing viewers that it’s okay to be a bit lazy and gluttonous.

These are movies that will make you smile!


Mahjong is, without a doubt, a game that is as much about socializing as it is about winning. In this comedy, very different characters come together at the same table as they compete in both mahjong play and dialogue.


Released in 1992, this film charts the rise of Benny, played by Andy Lau, from a fresh graduate to a casino magnate in Macau.

It’s a story that explores the fierce nature of the seediest side of the world and how unforgiving it can be to stumble even a little bit in this environment.


When it rains, it pours. In Fat Choi Spirit, Andy, played by Andy Lau, is hit with a string of bad luck, romantic issues, family issues, and plagued by gang issues.

Through a series of comedic ventures, Andy finds the rainbow at the end of the storm as he overcomes every challenge in his path.


Love is an eternal theme. Nothing strikes a chord more than a film about an underdog couple finding ways to make their relationship work in a world that seems almost apathetic.

This is a movie for those who crave something romantic.


After the crown prince’s death, his twin sister Lee Hwi, played by Park Eun-bin, must cross-dress and assume the throne while keeping her true identity a secret.

The emotional stakes escalate when she falls in love with a teacher, Jung Ji-woon, played by Rowoon. The dramatic nature of a forbidden romance is one that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.


Campus romances can change a person forever. In this Korean series, two ex-lovers reunite five years out of high school, and sparks fly once again as their opposite personalities clash.

However, opposites attract and they find themselves attracted to each other.


This is a docuseries that captures a slice of what happens at night in six Asian cities. Food, art, clubs and subcultures are introduced and viewers learn what sets them apart from the rest.

It’s an ode to the world’s night owls.


This Japanese thriller series follows a journalist’s David vs. Goliath battle against a corrupt government.

Trying to uncover the truth, Anna Matsuda, played by Ryoko Yonekura, finds herself embroiled in a fight against powerful enemies who are determined to stop her at all costs.


All of Us Are Dead is an upcoming Korean series that pits high school kids against a zombie outbreak. Fighting for survival against seemingly insurmountable odds is always an exciting watch, and it looks like this series is going to give viewers more zombie apocalypse goodness.

The series premieres January 28 on Netflix, just in time for the Lunar New Year.

This is just a small sampling of all the shows Netflix has to offer. For those who can’t get enough, browse Netflix’s Lunar New Year collection and treat yourself.

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