Birds of Prey Member Upgrades Wonder Woman’s Fighting Skills

Wonder Woman is an incredibly gifted martial artist, but even she doesn’t match Birds of Prey’s strongest fighter, Black Canary.

Whereas wonder woman is undoubtedly one of Justice Leaguethe strongest and most skilled fighters, even she is surpassed by Birds of prey member black canary. Even though Batman thinks Wonder Woman could beat Superman, she doesn’t stand a chance against Dinah Lance.

Contrary to Superman’s preference for using his fists in battle, Diana is an expert in close range weaponry. This is depicted in her costume which dons a boomerang-like diadem, her lasso of truth, and often a sword and shield. Given that she’s also from the warrior culture island of Themyscira, it’s clear that she’s more than a match for most threats, but how does she compare to Black Canary? Although Wonder Woman’s entire upbringing is centered around combat, Black Canary surprisingly outshines the Amazon. Unlike Wonder Woman, Dinah Lance is adept in fighting styles such as judo, kung fu, krav maga, muay thai, wing chun, and jujutsu. What further sets her apart is that she has been trained by and occasionally defeated DC’s top martial artists such as Cassie Cain, Wildcat, Lady Shiva, Batman, and Richard Dragon.


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Black Canary’s superiority is finally proven in Birds of prey #68 by Gail Simone and Joe Bennett. In this issue, Wonder Woman and Black Canary finally find time to reunite for a long-awaited training session in the Justice League Watchtower. The rules are simple: Dinah wins if she can break through Diana’s defenses and land a blow. Each of them choosing to train with bo sticks, the two friends agree not to use their respective powers during their duel; which means no super strength, speed, or deafening canary squeals. Both fighters shoot at each other, but each shot is met with blocking or dodging. That’s until Dinah notices Diana making a sloppy misstep and exploits the mistake. When Diana takes a second to recompose her footing, Dinah sweeps her legs forcing the Amazon to leap into the air, leaving her vulnerable. That’s when Dinah takes the opportunity to land a sidekick who smashes through Diana’s staff and knocks her down. Wonder Woman, a hero known for being a protector of truth, assures Dinah’s surprise that she didn’t let her win. Wonder Woman might be able to destroy all reality, but even she can’t beat Black Canary in a fight.

In a real fight where no one is holding back, Wonder Woman would likely win given her divine power and magical weapons. However, in a fair fight using only the techniques and forms of martial arts they learned through years of training, Black Canary proves she would come out on top. Of course, when it comes to comic book media, how one character compares to another is never set in stone and is ultimately up to the writers who have the power and freedom to decide.

Whereas black canary combat skills could be over the top wonder womanfans get to see these two heroes deliver spectacular performances Birds of prey and Justice League the action on our pages and on our screens.

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