Bloodline – 10 things we learned from the Netflix anime trailer

Since its inception in the 1990s, the tekken Bandai-Namco’s series of 3D fighting games focused on more grounded combat. While the energy techniques and over-the-top elements are still present, the series is one of the most space-punching of the fighting games. On the other hand, the story is larger than life, featuring paramilitary corporations, robots, and the ancient Devil Gene.

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Netflix has announced an adaptation of tekken and his bizarre story. The series, titled Tekken: Bloodline, set to debut in 2022. The trailer is quite promising, as it mixes the aesthetics of the anime with the series’ signature 3D. There’s quite a bit in the trailer to get fans of the franchise excited.


Tekken: Bloodline is located between Tekken 2 and 3

Tekken 3 logo

tekken 3 remains one of the best fighting games of all time. Not only was it mechanically deep, but it also featured some big twists in the narrative. In Tekken 1 and 2, the series was about Kazuya and Heihachi Mishima taking revenge on each other. Aside from Kazuya’s brief romance with Jun Kazama, it was mostly about two shrewd people using a tournament as a backdrop for revenge.

But when tekken 3 came out there was a big leap forward in time. Kazuya was nowhere to be found, and the new protagonist was his sun with Jun, Jin Kazama. Jin was looking for his mother who had disappeared and trained with Heihachi. It was a big change, but the anime shows Jin’s training, which means audiences will better understand why it had to be that way.

Jin Kazama is the protagonist of Tekken: Bloodline

A young Jin Kazama is the protagonist of Tekken Bloodline.

Speaking of Jin, he will be the lead of this show. This might surprise fans of Super Smash Bros., where Kazuya was chosen to represent Tekken rather than Jin. But Jin is definitely Tekken’s most popular protagonist. He exhibits a more diverse set of moves than the rest of his family.

Kazuya and Heihachi were often considered too mean by fans. Although Jin can certainly be mean, he is a shade lighter than the others. Her arc to find out more about her family and find her mother is also quite compelling. And it’s more surprising to see him embrace his dark side than the more traditionally villainous Heihachi and Kazuya.

Tekken: Bloodline will feature a 3D anime

Tekken Bloodline shows a 3D practice match between Jin and Heihachi.

tekken is a series of 3D fights. Although the characters had 2D or pseudo-3D iterations, it cannot be separated from that. The creators of the anime definitely got the memo. Despite the shading that makes it look 2D, the show is definitely a 3D anime.

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3D anime is somewhat controversial. While this may look beautiful, there are plenty of examples where it looks inconsistent. Fortunately, the trailer shows very smooth animation. The characters move like real people, which is true to the source material.

Kazuya will appear in Tekken: Bloodline

Kazuya in Smash is a love letter to Tekken

Despite Jin being the headliner, Kazuya seems to make an appearance. There is a shot in the trailer where the three successive generations of Mishima men are shown. Kazuya is depicted in a 3D model. This implies that he will make some sort of appearance.

In the actual games, Kazuya does not appear in the time frame of tekken 3 at all. By the time he is presumed dead before making a surprise resurgence in tekken 4. Afterwards, he and Jin die off as the protagonist. While Kazuya is definitely a villainous protagonist, this will likely result in conflict within the series.

Tekken: Bloodline will feature moves from the games

Heihachi doing one of his signature moves in Tekken Bloodline.

tekken is known for his amount of movement. It’s pretty easy for new fighting game players to need guidance on how to handle everything. It’s easy to get bogged down in execution. Luckily, a 3D anime doesn’t need to press a button for these attacks.

The trailer shows some fight scenes. And in these scenes, we can see the characters using some of their signature attacks and combos. They are integrated into the scenes as natural extensions of their fighting styles. This will make it exciting for both gameplay fans and fighting scene fans in general.

Leroy will appear in Tekken: Bloodline

Leroy from Tekken 7 appears in Tekken Bloodline.

tekken 2 and 3 might be one of the most beloved fighting games of the 1990s, but time is running out. The series continued into the future. At present, the newest game of Tekken 7, which has its own popular characters. This includes Leroy Smith, an absolutely massive wing chun practitioner.

Leroy is a relatively new addition to the tekken cannon. He wasn’t even a default roster character, instead appearing in the game’s DLC. He quickly proved to dominate the competitive scene. So it looks like he was retroactively inserted into the events of previous games, given his appearance in Linethe teaser.

Tekken: Bloodline will expand on Jun Kazama and Ogre

Jun Kazma and Ogre fight in Tekken Bloodline

Jun Kazama was a fairly popular fighter from tekken 2. Unfortunately, she has been virtually absent from the series. Before the 3, she was kidnapped by Ogre. Ogre made several appearances throughout the series, but Jun never appeared again.

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As characters inspired by Jun or his moves have reappeared, fans have been asking questions about his whereabouts. Line seems to expand on the plot. The trailer shows Jun’s fight with Ogre, raising hopes that fans may finally know his true fate.

King will face Jin in Tekken: Bloodline

Jin clashes with King in the final shot of the Bloodline trailer.

Besides the various protagonists, there is another character that the general public knows from tekken. He’s one of the most iconic characters in 90s fighting games. That would be King, the wrestler wearing a big cat mask. Technically, there are several kings, like the one of tekken 3 is the successor of a former king, as Jin was for Kazuya.

King has always been a fan favorite, as he stood out against the more grounded brawler characters with his mask. And fans were happy to see him face off against Jin at the end of the trailer. Although this raises some questions. In the games, King speaks with animal noises. It remains to be seen whether this will be maintained here.

Devil Gene Will Feature In Tekken: The Bloodline Story

The marks on Jin's face indicate the Devil Gene.

It wouldn’t be a fighting game without some sort of mystical dark power. street fighter has the Satsui no Hado and king of fighters has the power of Orochi. The Devil Gene is the equivalent of Tekken, a mysterious demonic form that can be activated in times of stress. It is a mysterious form that many characters have had to struggle to control.

Jin in particular struggled with the Devil Gene. His father, Kazuya, would always embrace the power it gave him. But Jin, who was more heroic than his father, wouldn’t always find this a blessing, even going on quests to purge him from his body. His marking appears on Jin’s face during the trailer, meaning he’s likely to reappear.

Tekken: Bloodline will explore the dark side of Jin

The Tekken Bloodline trailer hints that Jin will be a dark hero, as seen in his transformation from Tekken 3 to 7.

Jin has been described as “more heroic than Kazuya” throughout this list. That’s true, but he’s not a boy scout. Being influenced by the demonic Devil Gene meant that he was just as prone to evil or diabolical plots as his father. The trailer for Line alludes to this by referring to Jin as a “Dark Hero”.

That’s great for fans to hear, because it means Jin won’t be toned down by his in-game counterpart. In future titles, he becomes responsible for World War III. It’s a step beyond the standard “karateman” that fighting games typically have for their protagonists. Fans can’t wait to see how the Line version of Jin will be when the show launches in 2022.

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