Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Jr. gives an autograph on the back of the influencer

Floyal Mayweather Jr. helped a man turn his back on the greatest yearbook signing page of all time – to burn his name right into his skin, just another of hundreds already there. “Money” is one of the richest and most popular athletes of all time and there is no doubt about it. Floyd has fought 50 fights in his professional boxing career and he has won them all.

According to TMZ, the former WBO welterweight champion was in Vegas on Saturday April 30 for The Parlor Games Celebrity Basketball Classic. This event was presented by Celebrity Sports Entertainment), at some point during the event, Floyd was approached by a social media influencer Funky Matas. For those who are not in the know, Matas is famous for tattooing his whole back with celebrity autographs.

Matas’ back has been signed by stars like Will Smith, Gerard Butler, Steve-O, Michael J. FoxElijah Wood, Christopher Lloyd, Chris Rock, Usain Bolt, Tara Reed, Mike Tyson, Tony Hawk, Rob Schneider, Travis Barker, and even the man who voiced SpongeBob SquarePants, to name a few.

In total, he has over 300 signatures – yes, he’s a world record holder – and now…Floyd is also in the pantheon. Dude, however, looked a little hesitant, and we can’t fault him.

Floyd will take on Don Moore on May 14 in a showdown with plenty of quirky touches.

Mayweather will face Moore on the helipad of one of the most famous hotels in the world. It will be in Dubai at the Burj Al Arab hotel, about 700 feet above sea level. It is a 320 meter high building, nicknamed the “Tower of the Arabs”, has the shape of a sailboat and is the only hotel in the world considered a ‘Seven Star’.

Mayweather’s Last Stand was the exhibition fight against Logan Paul last summer.

The fight was a draw, and Mayweather clearly bet not to force the issue against a unranked amateur opponent.

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