Boxing: ‘Troll’ travels 200 miles to fight world champion Sunny Edwards

Sunny Edwards has given punishment to a “Twitter troll” who traveled 200 miles to confront the world champion boxer.

By The mirrorTwitter user Fab Tanga shelled out £110 to travel from London to Sheffield by train on Saturday.

He then posted a picture of himself outside the undefeated fighter’s gymnasium. After hearing the guy introduced himself, Edwards drove to the gym with his two young children in the car.

Fab tweeted at 11am on Saturday: ‘A very weird feeling, I’m paying 110 pounds to get punched in the face by world boxing champion @SunnyEdwards. SPARTACUS BROKEN THE CHAIN, I AM CHAMPION, I WILL SHOCK THE WORLD 🙂 @EddieTheEagle Eddieeee your eagle today will fly high in the sky! God Save the Queen.”

A day earlier, he tweeted, “I promise @SunnyEdwards I promise on my life that if you don’t answer tomorrow morning I’ll be outside your gym between 11am and 12pm. If you let me spend the money you I use to eat and you don’t go I’ll walk all over Sheffield yelling you’re a coward.

Edwards then uploaded a video of himself walking to the gym. In the video, the 26-year-old said: “I’m on my way right now, not going anywhere, you little fucking helmet.”

Fab was man enough to get in the ring but ended up getting a beating from the flyweight, who messed with the poor guy.

talkSPORT’s Michael Benson posted a clip of the fight, which you can watch here:

What prompted the guy to a) show up and b) get in the ring? He clearly had little to no boxing experience. It was only going to end badly as a result.

The fight continued into round two but was left on his knees hanging through the ropes, completely exhausted and appearing to be coughing up blood, at the end.

The full fight was posted on YouTube by iFL TV:

What happened after the fight?

Luckily, however, the story seems to have had something of a happy ending.

Edwards and Fab posed together for a picture after the fight:

Edwards tweeted: “In all sincerity I respect @Ft90734510 for traveling 4 hours by train from London to Sheffield, on his own back and dragging me off the couch for a few practice rounds.”

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