British Open success for Wakefield karate fighters

The Wakefield club have been competing in this event for 30 years and this year competitors from over 23 countries took part in a grueling day of full contact combat.

The rules are simple, you knock your opponent down twice for five seconds or go for a full knockout and move on to the next round. Between rounds there’s also ‘tameshiwari’ – breaking boards with your bare fist, elbow and palm as you progress to the final.

Six members of West Yorkshire Karate Kyokushin competed in the novice section and most of them came away victorious.

Members of West Yorkshire Karate Kyokushin who participated in the British Open Kyokushin Knockdown tournament in London.

Kyle Stewart, who had knockdowns in all of his rounds and a knockout in the final, became the rookie men’s heavyweight champion.

Lawrence Abernethy, who also knocked down two of his opponents, became the rookie men’s middleweight champion

Hasan Rizwan, also knocking out his opponents in the first round, earned second place in the men’s lightweight novice section and Wiktoria Mirga took third place in the women’s lightweight novice section.

West Yorkshire Karate Kyokushin Trophy winners at the British Open.

Kyokushin karate is a standing fighting style rooted in a philosophy of self-improvement, discipline, and intensive training.

The fight takes place in an eight square meter combat area without gloves or shin guards. Hand and elbow strikes to the head or neck are prohibited. However, kicks to the head, knee strikes, punches to the upper body and legs, and kicks to the inside and outside of the leg are allowed.

Training for most students at this level is daily and classes are held at St Andrews Church Hall, Peterson Road, as well as Denhale Arc Centre, Flanshaw. Both are led by the main instructor, Yousuf Khan ([email protected]).

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