Broadcast time: Mystery ‘buah limau hantu’, silat meets dance


Date and time: Unlimited

In case you missed butoh dancer/choreographer Lee Swee Keong’s multidisciplinary theater performance Hasrat at PJPac last December, you can now view a recording of the solo offerings for free on Youtube.

Choreographer/dancer Azmie Zanal Abdden’s pawana The performance captures the art form silat in a contemporary conversation with dance and movement. Here, the “angin” or “rasa” are unstructured elements that add to the performance, where internal instincts play a big role. Watch how Azmie’s contemporary dance piece captures this “conversation”.

The video of the pawana the performance was filmed by Weijun Loh.

A screenshot from the short film “Road To Nowhere”.


Date and time: Unlimited

As one of the special programs of the recent Crosscut Asia Delicious! Online Film Festival, The Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur produced a short film directed by Chu Yew Miin. In this short film road to nowheresinger-songwriter/actor/producer Pete Teo, who started an organic farm a few years ago, travels to Kampung Sungei Teras, an Orang Asli (Semai) village in Selangor, for a food research/discovery mission.

On this road trip, he is joined by chef Darren Teoh, who regularly sources native ingredients, herbs and spices found across the country. He reinterprets them in his contemporary Malaysian cuisine.

The mysterious native citrus fruit sought on this tour is “buah limau hantu” (ghost lime), but road to nowhere goes far beyond the food culture narrative here.

Watch the short film here.

A screenshot of the performance A screenshot of the “Festive Season” performance.


Date and time: Unlimited

Despite low-key celebrations and SOP-compliant gatherings, the festive mood of the Chinese New Year season is still strong.

Here’s a new celebratory dance short film of Chinese dance, created by Hornland Dance Theatre, choreographed by Chen Ing Kuan, supported by Cendana’s CreateNow Grants, and shot and edited by Pocket Pictures.

You can watch it here.


Date and time: Unlimited

There is a dramatic narrative in the story of German naturalist/explorer Fedor Jagor Singapore, Malaysia, Java. Reisekizzen 1866 publication of tigers sneaking up on working coolies on gambir plantations in Malaysia.

Gambir and the Tiger, a new batik artwork by contemporary artist Chang Yoong Chia, depicts this scene perfectly, with a ferocious tiger leaping at an unsuspecting man and sinking its teeth into his neck. This is a piece from his next batch of batik.

Chang, a trained painter, has been reflecting on the agricultural history and plantations of Tangkak in Johor since moving from Kuala Lumpur. Through his YouTube channel, art lovers can learn more about his new batik works and previous projects.


Date and time: Unlimited

Presented by ASK Dance Company, Jimmy Ch’ng of Hands Percussion and Aiden Soon and Evelyn Choong of Fresco Harmonica Ensemble, Collective Sounds – Dikir is a marriage of cultures.

Choreographed by Raziman Sarbini, the dikir barat, a traditional choral ensemble originating from the north, is a multidisciplinary art form comprising dance, music, poetry and song. In this performance, the dikir barat is interpreted to music played on the harmonica, which is not a traditional or local instrument.

Spread the optimism Collective Sounds – Dikir for on YouTube.


Date and time: February 5, 8 p.m.

The Chinese New Year is not over yet. Keep Up the Festive Spirit with Penang’s Annual Chinese New Year Celebration Virtual Performance Registration.

Registration features the art of drumming and wing chun, a bel canto performance, an erhu solo, a traditional clan dance, a presentation of Chinese martial arts, a Potehi puppet show, an orchestra performance, a contemporary dance, a lion dance and more.

This is the second time the festival has been presented online. The celebration, established in 1999, is usually held at the Heritage Precinct in George Town. It is supported by the Penang State Government, organized by the Penang Chinese Clan Council and coordinated by the Penang Cultural Inheritors Society.

The event will be broadcast for free via the event’s Facebook page and Youtube channel.


Date and time: Unlimited

garbage treasure is a cross-cultural arts residency program that celebrates waste as a place of cultural exchange. Over a period of three months, eight creative practitioners, four from Malaysia and four from Britain, engaged in a waste-focused creative exchange.

The artists began by assembling “waste” from their daily lives and their artistic practices. They then exchanged and reused the waste acquired during the sharing and learning sessions of the residence to create new works of art.

On the Malaysian side, you can now listen to documentary filmmaker Hannah Wan, multidisciplinary multimedia artist Abdul Shakir, former actress/director/screenwriter Fariza Azlina Isahak and professional coder KC Tan talk about their projects.

Listen to the podcast here.

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