Cobra Kai Co-Creator Explains How The Series Continues To Honor The Karate Kid Movies

At the dawn of its fifth season, Cobra Kai has become one of the most popular shows on all of Netflix. For four whole seasons, Cobra Kai has become its own universe, evolving from a simple Karate Kid legacy of something unique and different. Most of his characters weren’t even alive when the events of The Karate Kid took place. However, as the show continues to develop, it never loses sight of Mr. Miyagi or the film franchise that started it all.

This can be a challenge after a few seasons, especially when most of the characters are original creations. appearing at Varietythe Night in the Writers’ Room event, Cobra Kai co-creator Hayden Schlossberg explained how the series continues to honor The Karate Kid while telling his own story.

“It’s fun, you expand the universe. You have new characters and with new characters, new perspective, new backgrounds, and so it brings in the modern element,” Schlossberg said. “But we start with, ‘Hey, remember the roots.’ Bonsai grows and you can explore different kinds of characters in a TV series that you wouldn’t see in a movie, but the roots are bullying, mentors, it’s overcoming things, it’s dealing with the past. It’s this visceral feeling of feeling low and then someone gives you something On this show it’s karate but in life there can be a million different things that change you and give you And so every season, every season, something crazy happens.

“It comes down to ‘soul of the valley’ depends on who wins this nunchuck fight. But at the heart of it all is what I fell in love with The Karate Kid, why it’s a classic,” he continued. “Different cultures come together, people you wouldn’t expect to connect, connect. Every year we’re like, ‘Okay, let’s forget everything for a second and get back to The Karate Kid. Why do we like it?’ We are watching the movie again. And that’s why I think it worked on a global level, because these are universal stories. So we’re trying to focus on that, while taking advantage of the different characters, genders, backgrounds and playing things up to make it look like The Karate Kid but it’s something totally different.”

The fifth season of Cobra Kai hits Netflix in September.

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