Cobra Kai Easter Eggs

With each new season of Cobra Kaifans love seeing the return of characters from all Karate Kid movies. Season 5 is no exception as a few familiar faces have made their return as iconic franchise characters. The episodes are littered with other references to Karate Kid lore or other 80s pop culture. Let’s analyze them as we watch Cobra Kai Season 5 Easter eggs and references.

WARNING !!!!!! There will be spoilers for Cobra Kai Season 5, as well as Karate Kid movies and previous seasons of the series.

Terry Silver’s former master

Back inside Karate Kid Part 3, When Terry Silver tries to make his way into Daniel’s life, he stops by Mr. Miyagi to check on Daniel. When he introduces himself, he mentions that he trained with Kim Sun-Yung. In this film, the name means nothing and is a throwaway line. In this season of the show, we find out precisely who Kim Sun-Yung is and how ruthless his practices are.

Chozen claims to know the style he teaches and even shows his use of the style to get Silver’s attention when he is undercover in Cobra Kai. He tells Daniel that the martial arts form uses deception and misdirection to achieve any sneaky victory possible. We see it used throughout the season and see how devastating it can be. It’s great to see Cobra Kai put easter eggs like this in the series.

Cobra Kai Season 5 Easter Eggs

Suns Out, Guns Out

At the beginning of episode 4, we are entitled to a Top Gunesqe opening. Johnny and Miguel play volleyball with the group. We see Johnny riding a motorcycle and wearing a jacket like Tom Cruise wore in the movie. Carmen and Johnny even recreate the sexy figure scene as they kiss passionately. This is all set to Kenny Loggins’ Playing With The Boys song, which was featured in Superior gun. it’s been fine since Superior gun just got its own Legacy sequel this year.

Cobra Kai Season 5 Easter Eggs

Google search history

After Johnny finds out he’s about to be a dad again, he decides it’s time to square up his apartment to make it kid-friendly. He searches for “How to prepare for a baby”, but as he types, Google begins to automatically populate the search bar with other things Johnny has been looking for. Topics include: “How to tell my student I’m hitting his mom”, “How to get rid of graffiti”, “How to find hot girls” and “How to prepare for a baseball game”. Typical Johnny searches.

Cobra Kai Season 5 Easter Eggs

Family Connections

A​manda decides she’s had enough of Daniel’s karate wars and takes the kids on a trip to her home state of Ohio for a while to get her mind together. As she talks to her mother, there’s a knock on the door. She opens it to find Jessica Andrews. Fans will remember her as Daniel’s somewhat love interest in the third Karate Kid film.

We are told that not only do Jessica and Amanda know each other, but that they are cousins. It seems weird at first, but through a later conversation, it’s revealed that when Amanda was about to move to Los Angeles, her cousin Jessica actually gave her Daniel’s contact information so he could get to her. to visit. It turns out that she is an excellent matchmaker.

Cobra Kai Season 5 Easter Eggs

bar fight

While Amanda and Jessica are having a drink in their hometown bar, they run into a former classmate, Elizabeth Ann Rooney. it is not the first time Karate Kid fans have heard of her. When Jessica met Daniel, she mentioned that Rooney robbed her boyfriend before leaving town. It’s now apparent that Jessica and Amanda had no problem starting a rumble with her.

Cobra Kai Season 5 Easter Eggs


D​aniel is lured into a trap by Terry Silver and pays dearly for it. Money is unleashed on him and hurts him very badly. Everyone expects Daniel to miss work, but insists on going to work. Amanda tells him he’s too hurt, but Daniel leaves anyway. He puts on a pair of aviator sunglasses to hide his huge black eye. It’s the same trick he tried to pull on his first day of school in the original Karate Kid. Johnny beat him the day before and he tries to get out before his mother stops him. She tells him to take the sunglasses off, and he finally does, revealing a large black eye.

Cobra Kai Season 5 Easter Eggs

Not a good scammer

A plot hole that always came out of The Karate Kid Part 2 was that Chozen had organized a scam on local farmers in town. He used fake weights to tip the scales. Daniel accidentally breaks one of the weights and exposes his con to the other farmers. Fans have pointed out for years that this doesn’t make sense because it would have weighed down the products, causing Chozen to pay more for them. During an evening, all this is evoked. Chozen just shrugs and says that wasn’t his best plan. This is a deep cut easter egg for Cobra Kai. Nice of them to fix the plot hole.

Cobra Kai Season 5 Easter Eggs

love for Rocky IV

It shouldn’t be surprising that Johnny loves the movie Rocky IV. This film would suit him perfectly. When the group meets with the Taikai officials, they talk about the scene of Rocky training for his upcoming fight while climbing snowy mountains. Everyone starts rolling their eyes at Johnny’s usual use of ’80s pop culture references, but the head manager shouts “Dragoooo” showing his love of the movie as well. Later, Johnny would use Stallone’s speech from the movie to inspire his students and officials to let Miyagi-Do/Eagle Fang into the tournament.

Cobra Kai Season 5 Easter Eggs

Bad training memories

When Tory’s loyalty is questioned by Silver and his crew; they pull out a familiar-looking training dummy. In Karate Kid 3, Silver made Daniel use a similar training device with wood in place of the head, chest, and legs. Here they modify it to hold a thick rock and force Tory to punch it until he breaks his hand. At least Daniel got away with bloody knuckles and a sore foot.

Cobra Kai Season 5 Easter Eggs

eye of the tiger

During the guys’ night, we see them singing The eye of the tiger by Survivor. This song was originally intended to be used in the original film for the All Valley Tournament montage near the end of the film. Director John G. Avildsen decided to use the song You are the best instead, and the song would end up in another franchise that Avildsen had been a part of. He had made the original Rockyand The eye of the tiger would be in Rocky III. Now he finally has his place in the Karate Kid candor, albeit in a weird way.

Cobra Kai Season 5 Easter Eggs

Art Stolen

When Johnny, Chozen, and Barnes storm Silver’s house to get revenge for what he did to them, it turns out that Silver is waiting for them with all kinds of fighters. They have a full brawl inside the house. During these scenes, we can see that Silver has all kinds of artwork around his home.

An interesting piece that we can see on his coat, and later in the possession of Barnes as payment for his burned down store, is a painting named The Storm on the Sea of ​​Galilee by Rembrandt. This work of art is notable because it was stolen from the Stewart Gardner Museum in 1990 and has never resurfaced. Silver not only takes over karate dojos, but also sells stolen artwork.

Cobra Kai Season 5 Easter Eggs

Terry’s Rules

back in Karate Kid 3, Silver tells Daniel his set of rules for a fight. “A man cannot stand; he can’t fight. A man cannot breathe; he can’t fight. A man cannot see; he can’t fight. He probably didn’t realize that these rules would come back to haunt him. Daniel uses these rules against Silver to finish him off. Without Silver teaching him these rules long ago, Daniel might not have been able to beat him.

What is Cobra Kai Easter eggs have you found? Let us know in the comments.

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