Colby Covington accuses Jake Paul of rigging a boxing match

Colby Covington is back in the media and that means the outrageous UFC welterweight grabs are back too. He took aim at the second boxing match between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley which took place in December.

The knockout shocked everyone but Colby Covington claims it wasn’t real. The UFC fighter claims that both fighters flagged each other during the fight and even Woodley’s mother knew about the set result.

Colby Covington was on The Complete Send Podcast with the Nelk Boys where he gave his theory. The UFC welterweight was convinced the boxing match and knockout were all fakes.

“It was definitely a solution, you could tell, just the way he was waving at her like, ‘Hey, okay, put your hand down, now you’re gonna take the knockout.’ And then you see Woodley’s mom, like she’s dancing in the fuckin’ octagonlike screaming right next to his son,” said Covington, who beat Woodley in 2020 (h/t Sportskeeda). “Like, man, your son just got knocked out and humiliated in front of the world and you’re screaming with joy?”

It’s no surprise that Colby Covington is trying to pull off Jake Paul’s shock win over the former UFC champ. Tyron Woodley also had his history with Covington, but that was all settled in 2020.

It’s unclear exactly what’s next for Jake Paul as he seeks to return to the ring this summer. Colby Covington currently doesn’t have a fight booked and it will be interesting to see what the UFC chooses to do with him.

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