Could we see Hilary Swank’s Next Karate Kid on Cobra Kai?

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Considering that the original film franchise covered four full length karate chaos movies, the creative team behind Cobra Kai has a lot of material to exploit to revisit this world in modern times. So, could we ever see the other Karate Kid appear?

** Spoilers ahead for Netflix’s fourth season of Cobra Kai! **

Producer Jon Hurwitz told Fandom they were all huge fans of The next Karate Kid star Hilary Swank, who starred in the 1994 sequel – the franchise’s fourth – and was trained by Daniel’s mentor Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita). Cobra Kai has so far featured former stars and characters from the first three films, most recently Karate Kid III villainous Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) in the fourth season of the series.

The season 4 finale scene set in motion the surprise return of Daniel’s former opponent-turned-ally Chozen (Yuji Okumoto), who was last seen in Season 3 helping Daniel teach. some of Miyagi-Do’s older moves that he had never learned. It looks like Daniel and Chozen are joining forces to bring some of this old-school karate to Daniel’s new students. That arc, along with Terry Silver’s hostile takeover of Cobra Kai, at least seems to be the driving force behind the show’s upcoming fifth season.

But beyond that? Hurwitz said they were aware of the place of Swank’s character Julie Pierce in the franchise canon as one of Mr. Miyagi’s last students: “All we can say about him is that we love Hilary Swank. We think she’s a phenomenal actress and we love her character in this franchise. She was taught by Mr. Miyagi and she is someone who is important to the world of Karate Kid. We can’t say if she will come back, we can’t say how she would come back if she does come back.

Is it vague enough for you? While they obviously couldn’t confirm anything this far, Hurwitz confirmed that they have had conversations about how she fits into this world and what that might mean for the future of Cobra Kai at the end of the day, “You could say we’re talking about her and maybe we’ve met her, maybe we’ve worked with her, maybe we haven’t. We can’t tell you anything! It’s going to continue to be a question until it comes up or the series ends and we welcome the question every time!

Considering the fourth season is as popular as anything on Netflix right now, and there is already a fifth season of Cobra Kai in the box, it looks like there’s plenty of lead left for this story to unfold – with plenty of fan appetite for more. Karate kid action.

Cobra Kai Seasons 1-4 are now streaming on Netflix.

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