David “El General” Cuellar arrests Yader “Chocolate” Cardoza!

By Ken Hissner: At the Auditorio Municipal, Torreon, MEX, on ESPN+ Friday in the Junior Bantamweight Main Event, David “El General” Cuellar scored his seventh straight knockout and stopped Yader “Chocolate” Cardoza in five rounds.

In the co-feature, a rematch, WBC women’s bantamweight world champion Yuliahn Luna overturned an early loss in 2014 to easily defeat Jessica “La Magnifica” Gonzalez in ten rounds.

In the main event, junior bantamweight David “El General” Cuellar, 22-0 (15), of Queretaro, MEX, stopped Yader “Chocolate” Cardoza, 26-18-1 (8), of Managua, NIC , in the fifth round of ten rounds scheduled.

In the first round, the bigger Cuellar had an advantage. In the final thirty seconds, a Cuellar right nearly put Blandon through the ropes as the referee called it a slip. Blandon came back in the final ten seconds, tipping Cuellar with a right that put him in trouble at the bell.

In round two, what looked like a knockdown by Cuellar was ruled a slip. In the third round, Cardoza lost a point by hitting behind the head. Due to a clash of heads, Cuellar was cut in the left eyebrow. In round four, Cuellar suffered another cut, this one on Cuellar’s right eyebrow.

In round five, a solid right to the body of Cardoza de Cuellar and down he went for the count on one knee.

In a rematch co-feature, WBC women’s bantamweight world champion Yuliahn “La Cobrita” Luna, 24-3-1 (4), of Gomez, Palacio, Durango, MEX, avenged an earlier loss to overcome Jessica La Magnifica “Gonzalez, 8-6-2 (1), of Mexico City, Distrito Federal, MEX, over 10×2 off-balance rounds.

It was in 2014 that Gonzalez beat Luna, and it was a rematch that the now world champion Luna had been looking forward to. In the first round, Luna had the advantage because when she got the better of Gonzalez, the latter stalled. In round two, Gonzalez kept pushing forward while Luna countered her well, including with rights to the head. At the end of the round, Gonzalez had a lot of swelling under his right eye.

In the opening seconds of round three, Gonzalez landed a left uppercut knocking Luna’s head away. For the rest of the round, Luna was in control. In round four, Gonzalez kept pushing forward and when countered he usually fell into a clinch.

In round five, she began to get frustrated mid-race while in a clinch she shoulder-butted Luna’s chin, costing her a point. Round six was more or less the same, with the swelling under the right eye getting worse for Gonzalez but still forcing the action before dropping into another clinch.

In the seventh round, Gonzalez ran away with another shoulder strike to Luna’s chin. Luna won every round but Gonzalez never stopped showing up. In the eighth round, Gonzalez was cut across the bridge of her nose. Luna got away with hitting Gonzalez behind the head repeatedly.

On lap nine, Luna continued to get ahead of Gonzalez with hand and foot speed. In the tenth and final round, a fight filled with too many clinches, and Luna winning every round, with Gonzalez having bruises under both eyes and a cut on his nose at the end.

Bantamweight Luis “Peluchin” Araujo, 11-0-2 (8), of Los Mochis, Sinaloa, MEX, scoring a pair of knockdowns, stopped Francisco “Junior Zurdito” Rivas, 8-9 (5), of Castanos, Coahuila of Zaragoza, MEX, in the third round of an eight-round program.

In the first round, it was all Araujo, whose body attack never stopped supporting Rivas, who repeatedly landed left uppercuts to Araujo’s chin. In round two, Araujo got carried away with a final left hook in the midsection and dropped Rivas for an 8 count in the last minute of the round. Rivas suffered a cut to his left eyebrow and the bridge of his nose.

In round three, Araujo continued his assault on Rivas’ body, dropping him for the final time as the referee waved him off.

Featherweight southpaw Jose Trujillo 15-6-2, was stopped by Jorge Mata, 13-0-2 (9), at 1:22 of round four.

In the first three rounds, Mata pressured Trujillo, who when backed onto the ropes fought back but not enough to win a round.

In the fourth round, after a minute, a left to the body from Mata and Trujillo went down for an 8 count. Halfway through the round again, a left to the body and Trujillo took the count on his knee.

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