Every ‘Karate Kid’ Reference In ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5 Made Fans Nostalgic

For five seasons and more, Cobra Kai continued the beloved stories Karate Kid characters Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence, while teaching the Miyagi-do and Cobra Kai (and sometimes Eagle Fang) ways to their offspring.

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With each new season comes a handful of references to the movie trilogy that started it all in 1984. From a few thrilling cameos to memorable karate moves to Daniel’s sunglasses, Season 5 didn’t disappoint in any way. Regarding Easter Eggs.


mike barnes

Much like Terry Silver, Mike Barnes was an antagonist in The Karate Kid Part III, portrayed by the future star of the soap opera Sean Kanan. And after memorable cameos from past characters like Daniel’s mother, Lucille, The Karate Kid Part II the villainous Chozen and the beloved Ali with an I, fans have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this missing character on the reboot.

Season 5 finally saw the return of Kanan taking over the role of Mike, who is revealed to have given up karate and now owns a successful furniture store. Mike’s return only lasted three episodes, but enough damage was done that he teams up with Johnny and Chozen to try and defeat his old sensei, Silver.

Daniel’s sunglasses

A well-known scene in The Karate Kid This is when Daniel ends up with a black eye after a fight and comes downstairs wearing a pair of fliers to hide his bruise from his mother, who grills him until he reveals his injured eye.

This moment is remembered later in the season after Daniel is beaten by Silver and hides his battle scars behind a pair of sunglasses when he finally has the strength to leave home thanks to the support of Johnny, Chozen and Amanda.

Destroy bonsai

Silver caused three decades of damage with the things he shot The Karate Kid Part III, including how he and other Cobra Kai members continually tried to destroy Daniel and Mr. Miyagi’s bonsai business.

It seems 30 years hasn’t changed much, because when Daniel auctions off rare bonsai trees for charity, it’s Silver who takes the winning bid, vowing to destroy the plants as he did in the third movie.

A stupid kick

The (illegal) kick that won Daniel the All Valley in 1984 is the same one that plagued Johnny Lawrence’s entire existence for decades when it cost him the tournament and left him with mental and physical scars from his Kreese-sensei.

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The kick has been mentioned several times throughout the series, and in Season 5 Johnny finally speaks about it with more healing than anger when he admits, “My whole life has been haunted by a kick. stupid foot”, to Chozen.

Jessica Andrews

Sean Kanan wasn’t the only one Karate Kid alum to appear in Season 5. In The Karate Kid Part III, Animated Robyn played Jessica Andrews, Daniel’s best friend who cheered him on as he battled Mike Barnes and Terry Silver.

Lively reprized her role as Jessica in Season 5, revealing that she is Amanda’s cousin. When Amanda needs space from her husband, she takes Sam and Anthony to Ohio to visit Jessica, heartily sharing Daniel and his obsession with karate before getting into a bar fight. .

Silver Training Manikins

Silver is known for his tough love in the dojo, and when he begins training a young Daniel LaRusso in The Karate Kid Part III, one tool he pulls out is a practice dummy in the form of wooden blocks that Daniel attempts to break.

A similar moment comes in Season 5 when it seems Silver knows about Tory’s betrayal and decides to punish her by forcing her to spar against a stone dummy, ending with a much bloodier scene than in the film.

“Pain does not exist”

Cobra Kai loves tossing Easter eggs in the form of quotes, and a notable remark in Season 5 was said by the snake dojo’s new sensei, Kim Da-eun, who reminds his students, “Pain doesn’t exist! “

This is a play on one of Kreese’s memorable encores in The Karate Kid when he asks Johnny and the rest of his Cobra Kai students while they practice, “Pain doesn’t exist in this dojo, does it?”

Chozen’s Love

In addition to rival senseis and a tsunami, The Karate Kid Part II centered around Daniel moving in with another guy’s daughter (sound familiar?) when he hit it off with Kumiko during his trip to Okinawa with Mr. Miyagi.

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Tamlyn Tomita reprized her role as Kumiko in Season 3 when Daniel takes a trip to Okinawa, and two seasons later her character is still on someone’s mind. After a guy talks with Johnny at a party, Chozen is drunk convinced to call Kumiko to profess his love, only to end up doing so via voicemail.

“Finish it!”

The Season 5 finale is packed with fight scenes, including a massive battle between Silver’s minions and karate dojo dream team Johnny, Chozen, and Mike. As these random cobras attack Johnny, Silver exclaims, “Finish him!”

These two simple words are directly reminiscent of the original movie when Johnny and Daniel face off at All Valley and Kreese simply says to his star student, “Finish him.”

Daniel takes the money

Daniel has several clashes between The Karate Kid franchise and the netflix reboot, but his final battle with Silver at the Cobra Kai dojo was long in coming. In the end, Daniel beat Silver at his own game by remembering all of his moves and finding ways to use them against the evil sensei.

Each killer move was accompanied by a flashback of The Karate Kid Part III, the three major moves having originally been taught to Daniel by Silver in the film.

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