Fans of “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” must gorge on these 3 movies


The last Marvel movie to arrive is Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings. Simu Liu plays the role of Shang-Chi, and the character resides in San Francisco to hide from his past. He must soon face the Ten Rings organization and his father.

The film was successful at the Box Office and people praised martial arts fighting. Fans believe Shang-Chi could appear in future Marvel Cinematic Universe work. For now, they can sit back and enjoy a few other similar movies.

Simu Liu | Jason Boland / Marvel Studios

‘Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon’

If a person liked Legend of the ten rings, they could see the movie 2000 Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. According to Insider, director Ang Lee’s film received 10 Oscar nominations. The film stars Michelle Yeoh and Zhang Ziyi, who were part of the famous fight scene.

The plot centers on a swordsman named Li Mu Bai in 19th century China. A warrior named Yu Shu Lien accompanies her as a friend. After deciding to retire, Mu Bai asks Shu Lien to bring his sword, “Green Fate”, to a person in Beijing.

However, a thief sneaks in and steals the weapon before Shu Lien can deliver Green Fate. Viewers can engage in some of the fight sequences between two skilled fighters. Critics around the world have appreciated Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

Overall, fans loved the mythical quality the film had to offer. It is an adaptation of a series of novels. The success of the classic film led to a possible sequel which arrived on Netflix in 2016.

‘Kung Fu Hustle’

Another option is an action comedy film titled Kung Fu Hustle. Stephen Chow directed the film, and it’s one of his best-known works. The plot contains cartoonish moments, weird characters, martial arts, and elements of a crime thriller.

The merger could have been daring, but it finally paid off. Kung Fu Hustle became a hit with various audiences when it was released. He has even won numerous awards and received several nominations. Chow plays the lead role and other actors include Yuen Qui and Danny Chan Kwok-Kwan.

The setting is set in 1940s Shanghai, and the main protagonist is Sing. At first, he is not a skilled martial artist and hopes to join the Ax Gang. The Ax Gang is a ruthless group that rules the city under Brother Sum.

Sing ends up fighting the gang and confronts a legendary assassin. While the fight scenes are comedic, many viewers find them compelling. Fans of Legend of the ten rings can recognize Yuen Wah as the owner.

‘The great master’

Ip Man was a great master of the Wing Chun martial art, and his life story inspired the 2013 film The great master. The film begins with Ip Man battling numerous opponents in the rain. After his victory, he looks back on his first memories of learning to fight.

Flashbacks begin when Ip Man is seven, and the film progresses as he gets older. Viewers see him learning Wing Chun and later getting married. Ip Man comes face to face with a grandmaster named Gong Yutian after announcing his retirement. While Gong declared an heir for the north of China, other martial artists chose Ip Man as their representative for the south.

There have been other films that have documented Ip Man’s experiences. However, The great master takes a different approach and contains Oscar nominated costume design and cinematography. People can recognize Shang-Chi’s father, Tony Leung Chiu-Wai, in the movie.

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