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SINGAPORE – Former Technical Education Institute (ITE) student Tan Yong Siang knew from the start that the path to a college degree would not be easy.

Undeterred, he set his sights on this goal, and the hard work to pursue his dream paid off.

This week, Mr. Tan, 27, will be among more than 2,000 people who will graduate this year from the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) in a series of ceremonies that will take place from Tuesday, October 19 through Friday.

Education Minister Chan Chun Sing spoke at the opening session Tuesday at the Mediacorp Theater in Buona Vista, where a group of accounting students received their diplomas.

In his speech, he recounted how he saw his sister graduate in accounting at a similar ceremony around 30 years ago. She was the first in the family to graduate, so it was a proud moment for her family.

Mr Chan said, “With a college degree in accounting, she joined one of the Big Four accounting firms. On her first day on the job, her boss told her what would be forever etched in her memory – you. can start learning now. “

Everything that is learned in school and university is just the foundation, he added, and working life is a continuous learning process.

“It’s not about how much we know at the start, but how quickly we learn and relearn that matters.”

Mr Chan also shared another anecdote about how he once met 400 accountants and asked the question: Did they see themselves as having more or fewer opportunities in five years?

Half of them felt threatened by the idea that technology could replace them, while the other half expected technology to help them broaden their horizons, he said.

“There is nothing to fear about technology. Everyone in the world faces the same challenges and opportunities, but the difference is who will be brave enough to master it.”

This year’s bundle also includes the first batch of graduates from SIT’s Aviation Systems Engineering program – the first such degree in Singapore.

Mr. Tan, who now works at the SIA Engineering Company (SIAEC) as an apprentice, is one of the 46.

As part of SIT’s integrated work-study program, he and his peers had to complete an eight-month internship at SIAEC.

Upon graduation, they will also receive a certificate of recognition from the company.

Describing himself as someone who needs more time than his peers to understand concepts, Mr Tan said his journey from ITE to a polytechnic and finally to college has been filled with long hours in the classroom. school to complete his work.

But working with airplanes has always been his goal, he said, as he finds their many shapes and functions intriguing.

Mr. Tan said he enjoyed the course even though it was academically intensive.

He said: “There were also a lot of fun and memorable projects like 3D printing our own glider wing, which we designed and manufactured in-house.

“We even had a mini flying competition to test it out.”

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