Gigi Leung posts photos of her daughter, internet users are amazed at her 6-year-old’s height

Hong Kong – Hong Kong star Gigi Leung, 45, is known to be taller than the average female celebrity at 1.76m tall. Leung’s six-year-old daughter has also made headlines because she is tall.

Netizens just realized how tall Sofia is when Leung, who is married to Spaniard Sergio Crespo Gutes, took to his social media to share photos of Sofia. That is, compared to other six-year-olds. Leung shared that her daughter recently graduated from kindergarten.

Sofia is taller than her classmates. Photo: Instagram

As the COVID-19 situation in Hong Kong stabilized, Sofia was able to go on a field trip to a farm with her classmates, Leung being the chaperone. From the photos, it was clear that Sofia, who wore a white t-shirt and a blue skirt, is much taller than her classmates. She seems to dominate them all at once, as reported by

“Has Sofia really just graduated from kindergarten?” She’s already so big, ”commented one internet user while another said she looked more like a 2nd grade student. Besides inheriting her mother’s height, Sofia is as musically talented as Leung. Leung shared a video of Sofia playing the piano and singing her classic song, Today.

“After saying goodbye, I still think we can meet again, fate permitting,” Leung wrote, citing a line from the song.

“It’s that time of year again, when every student is preparing to graduate. It’s time for Sofia to graduate from kindergarten. Soon she will start to enter the life of an elementary school student and start a new phase of life, ”Leung also wrote, adding that Sofia’s performance was a“ gift for everyone ”.

Born March 25, 1976, Gigi Leung Wing-kei is a singer and actress from Hong Kong.

She was born at Tsan Yuk Hospital in Sai Ying Pun on March 25, 1976 and was given the name Leung Wing-kee (梁詠琪) for superstitious reasons; As a child, Leung suffered from frequent asthma attacks and it was believed that a name change would bring better health. At 176cm, Leung earned the nickname ‘Tall Girl’. She has a twin brother named Keith Leung (Leung Wing-chun, 梁詠俊) ./ TISGFollow us on Social Media

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