50K Push Ups for the Martial Arts History Museum

50,000 per person push-up challenge starts August 1 for 50 days (1,000 push-ups per day) Hollywood celebrities raise money for Martial Arts History Museum

My dad knew I was going to be a little kid so he took me to a local karate class which prepared me mentally, physically and spiritually for life’s challenges and made me the man that I am today.

— Eric the Coach

BURBANK, California, USA, Aug. 1, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — 50,000 push-ups per person challenge will begin on August 1, 2022 for 50 days (1,000 push-ups per day) by Hollywood celebrities for cash for the Martial Arts History Museum. The museum has pledged to raise $5 million over 2 years to secure a larger location. The Martial Arts Museum, located in Burbank, California, provides outreach, activities, and educational services to families and communities. The 50,000 push up challenge is known as www.50kforcharity.com and is the brainchild of Hollywood physique expert Eric the Trainer, who began his martial arts training at the age of 10 and says it shaped his life.

“My dad knew I was going to be a little kid, so he took me with him to a local karate class. Even deep in the woods of Maine, there was a Shotokan karate organization that prepared me mentally. , physically and spiritually to meet the challenges of life. He served as a precursor to the Boy Scouts and ultimately made me the man I am today,” explains Eric the trainer.

Participants who complete the 50k push-up challenge include:
💥Eric the Coach – Hollywood Physique Expert
💥Billy Blanks – Tae Bo Creator
💥Chris Shelton – Qigong Master and Hollywood Healer
💥Gordini Sran – Actor, Chippendales Movie
💥Wasim the Dream Hajjiri – Author/Speaker/Boxer
💥Andre Rush – Chief of the White House
💥Vincent Rodriguez 3rd – Actor, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, With Love
💥Zach Sudfeld – Former Football Star
💥Mid-West Kong – Fitness Icon
💥Dan Palacios – Miami mastermind
💥Mike Krueger – Nickelback Bassist
💥Dr. Kien Vuu – Creator of “Thrive State”, Janitor Doctor
💥Sumo Dan – American Heavyweight Champion
💥Sifu Singh – Martial Arts Master
💥Mark Bell – Inventor of the “Slingshot”
💥JR Villarreal – Actor, Marvel’s “Black Scorpion”
💥Sean Ruff – PE Teacher
💥Jake Havron – Business Strategist
💥Ernie Reyes SR – Grandmaster
💥Neil Angevine – Actor, American Crime Story
💥Marshall Jones – Slam Poetry Legend
💥Al Romano – Chef
💥Ryan Carnes – Actor, Desperate Housewives, General Hospital
💥James “Boobie” Williams – Former Pro Football Star

Michael Matsuda, Founder and Director of the Museum, is thrilled to have so many outstanding supporters who dedicate their time, body and influence to raising funds and awareness for the martial arts and the museum. https://martialartsmuseum.com/
Michael Matsuda, President of the Martial Arts History Museum, says Michael Matsuda, “What a great challenge! I’m so thankful that so many amazing, high-level people give themselves up for a great cause. Special thanks to Coach Eric for organizing this. Museums are an important place in the lives of most children. They provide an opportunity to learn and be inspired. They create a personal connection and insight into history. I think children 50,000 push-ups is a wonderful thing that we can all do together as we work towards our goal of $5 million.”

Donations can be made in any amount www.50kforcharity.com

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