IBA close to making key decisions and responds to IOC statement

The Board of Directors of the International Boxing Association (IBA) met today to discuss a range of important issues relating to governance, finance and sporting integrity. Professor McLaren and representatives of the Governance Reform Group also joined the meeting. At the end of the meeting, the commission also considered a statement made by the IOC this evening.

The IBA board has voted to hold a second extraordinary congress this year, where national federations must decide on the need for new presidential elections.

The Board heard an update on the recent CAS decision. After extensive discussions and taking into account the advice of legal counsel, the Council then agreed to hold an Extraordinary Congress between September 24 and October 1. The proposed agenda will include two items: a motion to hold a new presidential election and the election itself.

The IBA Board has also agreed that the list of presidential candidates for such an election should consist of Mr. Kremlev and Mr. Boris van der Vorst.

The exact date and location of the Extraordinary Congress will be confirmed shortly.

“The Council decided that Congress should have the final say on new elections. As always, I will respect and follow any decision of Congress,” Kremlev said.

Following today’s Board of Directors meeting, the IOC announced that IBA will no longer participate in the Olympic qualification system for Paris 2024.

With the IBA Board of Directors only elected last month and key elements of the Olympic Qualification System having been approved today, as previously reported to the IOC, the IBA is deeply disappointed with the decision of the CIO and will now take some time to carefully consider its next move. Meanwhile, IBA will continue to work on reforming its governance, financial integrity and sporting integrity to ensure that boxers and IBA itself can enjoy a fair chance and a fair fight.

The Board of Directors discussed and approved the budget for the next fiscal year 2022-2023. The Board also voted to proclaim 2022 the “Year of Africa” and reiterated its support for the development of National Federations in Africa and Oceania.

The budget and details of subsequent decisions taken by the Board will be published shortly on the IBA website.

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