IBA tests new technology for athlete well-being and sports integrity

The International Boxing Association (IBA) has successfully tested the use of new technology, in the form of impact-sensing mouth guards, at the EUBC European Youth Championships. Boxers from several national boxing federations have participated, while data entry is both anonymized and secure.

With the help of artificial intelligence, impact data is used to inform brain health research and to support combat judgment verification mechanisms.

“IBA has closely studied developments in sport’s understanding of the impacts of head and brain health. With this new initiative, IBA has become a leader in generating primary research on this very important aspect of athlete well-being,” said Dr. Ioannis Filippatos, Chairman of the IBA and EUBC Medical Committees. “The research is still in its infancy and the pilot project aimed to understand how best to collect more data in the future. During this time, IBA will continue to review our metrics around head impact and brain health – including the use of the Standard Concussion Assessment Tool for Athletes, return-to-play protocols and relevant IBA medical rules.

The mouth guards used to record head impact data are equipped with accelerometers, gyroscopes and transmitters. These make it possible to study and exploit the data in real time. In the future, it is hoped that this data can be used to inform ring medics during fights. Real-time data analysis also has the potential to inform fight judging: when both boxers are wearing the gumshields, the data they generate can have a strong correlation to the score.

“Although there is no expectation of replacement judges, new technology can be very helpful in providing a baseline against which we can compare scores. The IBA will spare no effort when it comes to ensuring a fair fight, as we work to implement overall improvements in the way boxing is judged,” the referees committee chairman said. and IBA judges, Mr. Chris Roberts. the digital footprint of individuals and tools based on artificial intelligence have already proven their usefulness in helping IBA improve the integrity of sport. We can’t wait to see how these mouth guards might be able to add to our growing box of high tech tools.

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