India taekwondo directed to register names for Asian championships : The Tribune India

Tribune press service

New Delhi, May 31

The Delhi High Court has ordered Indian taekwondo officials to forward the names of Indian athletes for the upcoming Asian Taekwondo Poomsae Championships to Taekwondo World for timely registration.

This direction came following a petition for review filed by the Sports Authority of India (SAI) after it failed to get India Taekwondo to participate.

“Respondent #6 is (India Taekwondo) accordingly instructed to immediately submit/transmit the names of the athletes selected by Respondent #4 (SAI) to World Federation India to enable them to participate in the 6th Poomsae & 25th Asian Taekwondo Championships,” the order reads.

“Said communication will be accompanied not only by a copy of the order of 28.04.2022 rendered by this Court but also of the order of this day and without any foreign comment or observation being made in this respect by the Respondent No. 6. In order to facilitate Respondent No. 6 in carrying out these instructions, Respondent No. 4 will transmit within two hours the names of the selected candidates to Respondent No. 6,” he added.

The Delhi High Court’s April order had ordered SAI to hold the selection meet because Indian taekwondo was not a recognized national sports federation.

However, World Taekwondo had put the brakes on the work and issued a letter saying that any team selected by SAI would not be recognized by the world body.

It is important to note that India Taekwondo’s attorney opposed the motion stating: “…that since the names of those athletes who wish to represent India were not selected by the Respondent No. 6, but by Respondent No. 4/Sports Authority of India (SAI), Respondent No. 6 is unable to attest that the team was indeed selected by said Respondent.

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