‘Instructors did things that are considered illegal these days’: Robert Downey Jr revealed he practiced ‘Traditional Wing Chun’ – The fighting style of Kung Fu legend Ip Man

Robert Downey Jr. is a renowned Hollywood talent. Most recognized for his MCU endeavors, the actor exudes passion, dedication, and ambition. Over the years, with his grounded, honest and straightforward nature, he opened up about various aspects of his life that inspired fans around the world.

Robert Downey Jr. has been practicing martial arts for years

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What is, however, the most intriguing fact about him is that he has been practicing traditional Wing Chun for nearly two decades now. He has, on many occasions, revealed that martial arts gave him the strength to overcome the various troubles in his life. During his arduous journey, this particular form of Kung Fu motivated him to face struggles head-on.

Therefore, his appreciation for the fighting style, which was especially popularized by Cantonese martial artist, Ip Man, knows no bounds.

Martial arts helped Robert Downey Jr. in his creative life

Robert Downey Jr.
RDJ and his Kung Fu journey

When Robert Downey Jr. made an appearance on the Joe Rogan Podcast in 2020, he revealed some interesting tidbits about the importance of martial arts in his life. It was in 2003 that the Dolittle alum took on the art form of combat and it has been an integral part of his daily existence ever since. He has considerable experience in both the Thai martial art Muay Thai and traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu.

The MCU star has nothing but praise for this particular passion. He claimed that not only does it help harness physical strength, but it also transforms a person’s mind. Therefore, it was no surprise to see one of the talking points in the podcast centered around RDJ’s love, admiration, and devotion to martial arts.

Robert Downey Jr. is the most expensive actors
RDJ is passionate about traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu

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On the podcast, Robert Downey Jr. pointed out that it was in the last fifteen years that he really started to take martial arts seriously. He further explained that everything he was able to achieve in his creative life can be attributed to the principles he “learned on the mat” with his Sifu.

Sifu, in Cantonese, refers to a title for a qualified master or teacher. They disseminate their know-how and assist their students in learning the various combat techniques.

When the sherlock The actor was asked how often he indulges in martial arts, he said he used to do it several times a week, sometimes over long stretches where the MCU legend ends up practicing it all. the days with his Sifu.

Joe Rogan, amused by his answer, had another question in mind. What type of martial arts style is the Iron Man most regular star? To this, Robert Downey Jr. replied: “Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu.” Rogan commented that this particular form was quite underrated, which the actor fully agreed with. Moreover, the Due date alum mentioned that Wing Chun happens to be quite technical. In his words, it’s “hard to build and easy to use.”

RDJ believes that life’s problems are Wing Chun problems.

Joe Rogan Experience with Robert Downey Jr.
Joe Rogan Experience with Robert Downey Jr.

Moments later, Downey Jr. recounted the early years of his Wing Chun experience – which turned out to be quite difficult. He told Joe Rogan he got his “a** kicked” by a wooden dummy for nearly three years. It was only when he understood the principle of “do not fight strength with strength” that he could tackle one of the first hurdles in his martial arts journey. He then, once again, affirmed the importance of Wing Chun in his life, more precisely in the artistic field.

Here is what he had to say:

“So anyway, half the time if I would be in a critical artistic situation, I would say just because Wing Chun issues are life issues; life’s problems are Wing Chun problems. I would just go back to how that kind of a relationship with…? [a specific experience]”

He then went on to detail how he and his Sifu sometimes don’t use a mouthpiece. This gives Robert Downey Jr. a closer look at what a realistic Wing Chun experience would be like. The actor also claimed how some of the instructors would teach the students, “a few clicks back on the road”would surely be considered illegal to do to a group of students these days.

Robert Downey Jr. is aging backwards
Robert Downey Jr. Recounts His Wing Chun Experiences

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Here is the full quote:

“It’s certainly not because he’s very good at taking his shots and he’s also even better at making sure I don’t accidentally hit him, but we’re getting as close as possible to what the real experience would be. “But again, that’s like everything. I’m sure with just a few mouse clicks, there were things the instructors were doing that would be considered illegal to do to a group of students these days.”

Joe Rogan was all for it. He then added, “Not just a few clicks as I rode.” The environment in these training grounds would be brutal, but quite normalized. As the podcast host rightly said, “Students were being beaten up. It was a normal thing. »

Robert Downey Jr.

There is no doubt that the Iron Man star finds a level of solace from such a skilled and technical activity. It not only allowed him to physically transform, but it helped him through the most difficult times of his life. If you’re wondering where the actor is currently on his Ip Man-style martial arts journey, he said on the podcast that it’s the kind of thing you’re never really done with.

After receiving his black belt for another rank years ago, he now works with different weapons. It would be interesting to see the actor grow more and more in this particular area.

Nevertheless, Robert Downey Jr. is nothing less than a Kung Fu expert!

The Joe Rogan Experience is available to stream on Spotify.

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