Jung Woo Is A Former Taekwondo Athlete Whose Life Is Completely Changed After An Accident In Upcoming tvN Drama

tvN has shared new stills of Jung Woo in new drama “Mental Coach Jegal”!

“Mental Coach Jegal” is a sports drama about a former national athlete who leaves the sport after causing a scandal and becomes a mental coach to help retired former professional athletes and current athletes who have fallen into crisis.

Jung Woo will play the role of mental trainer Je Gal Gil, a former national taekwondo athlete known for his hard work and silly charms. After causing an unprecedented accident in the Athletes’ Village, Je Gal Gil is permanently expelled and becomes the unlucky taekwondo prodigy. Once he overcomes his past trauma and regains his sanity, Je Gal Gil returns to the Athletes’ Village as a mental coach.

The newly released images show Je Gal Gil’s past as a national taekwondo athlete. He commands attention with his imposing posture as he overwhelms his opponent by making a loud noise with big eyes. However, he throws an unexpected wink, hinting that he is mischievous as well.

The following images show Je Gal Gil reborn as a mental coach. In commemoration of the publication of his new book, he gives a lecture in front of many people and organizes a signing session. He offers his fans a sweet smile, showcasing a completely different atmosphere from his days as a taekwondo athlete.

The production staff commented, “Jung Woo completely blended into the character of Je Gal Gil from the very first shoot, and we couldn’t think of anyone else who could portray him. He won the admiration of the staff on set by portraying his character in a more three-dimensional way with his realistic acting. [of portraying a] humorous and sly [role]. Please look forward to his performance which will spread laughter and healing.

“Mental Coach Jegal” will premiere on September 12 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

While you wait, check out Jung Woo in “Reply 1994” below:

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