Karate Combat Season 3 debuts set for July 1 on CBS Sports


In what is billed as “the greatest season of all time,” Karate Combat has locked the start of Season 3 to Thursday, July 1.

Former UFC champions Georges St-Pierre and Lyoto Machida will serve as the athletes’ “seasonal sensei”. Four world title fights, the introduction of a new weight class and more than half of the fights ending at a distance are among the highlights to come over the 12-episode season.

Living legend Bas Rutten returns to his role as host and lead commentator, joined as always by Josh Palmer and Layla-Anna Lee. New this season is the highly respected Marc Goddard as a senior official, the real-time action analysis of Robin Black and the reporting from former WWE announcer Andrea Ocampo.

“This is the biggest karate combat season ever – and I’m not just saying that. From GSP and Lyoto Machida’s participation in the fights themselves, this season takes things to a whole new level for Karate Combat. I think this season is going to blow people away, ”said Adam Kovacs, President of Karate Combat.

Title fights this season include Louisiana Josh ‘The Preacher’ Quayhagen defending the welterweight belt against Dominican rival Dionicio ‘El Capitan’ Gustavo and Latvian Edgar ‘The Bear Slayer’ Skrivers defending his lightweight title against Brazilian contender Bruno ‘The White Dragon’ Seated.

Karate Fight: Season 3 world premieres Thursday, July 1.

In the United States, the season is broadcast exclusively on CBS Sports Network at 10 p.m. ET every Thursday. The episodes repeat on Sunday Karate Fighting YouTube channel.

Broadcast details for Brazil, South America, Europe and the UK will be announced in the coming days.

The confirmed line-up of fighters for Karate Combat: Season Three is as follows:

Josh ‘The Preacher’ Quayhagen (USA)
Karate Fighting Welterweight World Champion

Edgar ‘The Bear Slayer’ Skrivers (Latvia)
Karate Combat Lightweight World Champion

Dionicio ‘El Capitan’ Gustavo (Dominican Republic)
Karate Fighting Welterweight Championship Challenger

Bruno ‘The White Dragon’ Sitting
Karate Fighting Welterweight Championship Challenger

Samuel Ericsson (Sweden)
“Joe Rogan’s Favorite Karateka,” Social Media Sensation

Eoghan Chelmiah (Ireland)
Irish prospect on mission to “do for karate what Conor McGregor did for MMA”

Kamariddin Khasanov (Tajikistan)
Survived kidnapping and dangerous Russian streets thanks to karate

Myrza-Bek Tebuev (Russia)
Russian black belt with a doctorate in aeronautical propulsion (aka “Rocket Science”)

Nikolasz Lukacs (Hungary)
This 18-year-old is the youngest fighter in the history of Karate Combat

Abdesslam Ameknassi (Morocco)
An outstanding competitor on the Middle East / North Africa circuit

Kévin Azouz (France)
Member of the France team, brother of Tommy Azouz

Luiz Victor Rocha (Brazil)
Team Pitbull fighter, Rocha is one of the most experienced fighters on the roster.

Teeik Silva (Brazil)
Colorful, charismatic – Silva is not a fighter you will soon forget

Ilies ‘Le Fou’ Mardhi (France / Morocco)
French candidate for one of the most difficult districts of Paris

Vasilii Antokhii (Russia)
The amateur circuit found it too hot to handle; Karate Combat gave him a home

Davy Dona (France)
‘The Hurricane’ is a gritty veteran of the same wicked streets as Illies Mahdi

Christina Kavakopoulou (Greece)
A member of the Greek national team and a superb technician

Zsolt Habda (Hungary)
This special forces veteran is a man on a mission

Gabriele Cera (Italy)
Born, raised and trained in the shadow of the Colosseum in Rome, Cera is a modern day gladiator

Tommy Azouz (France)
Brother of Kevin Azouz and, like him, member of the France team

Deivis Ferreras (Dominican Republic)
Known as “The Rage,” Ferreras earned his nickname for good reason.

Maximilian Mathes (Germany)
Ordained monk Mathes lives in a Buddhist monastery and considers himself a samurai of the new era

Jorge Perez (Dominican Republic)
Army Captain Perez is one of the most explosive fighters in Karate Combat – don’t blink.

Nikos Gidakos (Greece)
Member of the Greek national team and double European bronze medalist

Gilmarcos de Bastos Jr (Brazil)
Born and raised in a karate family, he started training at age three

Gabriel Brito (Brazil)
‘The White Tiger’ is five-time national champion in his native Brazil

Jessica Linhares from Paula (Brazil)
Shorin-Ryu Black Belt and Double Pan Am Bronze Medalist

Velimir Jeknic (Serbia)
The imposing Jeknic spent several years in Dubai training the police in melee

Alberto Ramirez (Venezuela)
Member of the national team of Venezuela

Mouley Oudoud (France)
Shotokan black belt and law student

Reda Messaoudi (Morocco)
‘The Cobra’ has an infamously powerful spinning kick

Shahin Atamov (Azerbaijan)
This modest Azeri has dynamite in both hands. One mistake, the fight is over.

Bryan Van Waesberghe (Belgium)
Young obsession with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles drove “The Rampage” to karate

Omaira Molina (Venezuela)
New York resident ‘La Guerrera’ is a Venezuelan national champion and member of the national team

Erica Santos (Brazil)
Ten times Brazilian national champion, nine times Pan American champion

Vitalie Certan (Portugal)
Some live on the edge – he’s a stuntman and professional fighter

Daniel Viveros (Ecuador)
‘The Black Diamond’ represents Ecuador in the national team

Lazar Kukuličić (Montenegro)
“The Lion King” is a regional champion of the Balkans who seeks to put Montenegro on the map

Tim Ha (Czech Republic)
Young Czech newcomer has set his sights on lightweight champion Skrivers

Fabiola Esquivel (Mexico)
Member of the Mexican national team, Shito-Ryu black belt

Ana Villanueva (Dominican Republic)
Five-time Pan American champion, teammate of welterweight contender Gustavo

Jesús Paucarcaja Lopez (Peru)
Jesús fights in memory of his brother, who trained him until the day he was shot in front of him

Nikita Yanchuk (Russia)
Russian national champion in Kudo, one of the toughest fighting competitions in the world


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