Karate is winning at OK


THE Zimbabwe National Karate Federation (ZNFK) have been given a massive boost ahead of a very crowded schedule after securing a huge sponsorship package from OK Zimbabwe Limited.

The federation immediately dedicated the sponsorship package to pay for their World Karate Federation membership and affiliation fees.

They will also pay their dues to the Union of African Karate Federations and the African Federation of Karate Region Five Sports Council.

In a statement on Thursday, ZNKF President Joe Rugwete confirmed the development, expressing his gratitude to one of the nation’s largest distribution companies.

“The Zimbabwe National Karate Federation (ZNKF) Executive Committee is delighted to announce that it has received sponsorship from
$675,465 from OK Zimbabwe Limited,” the statement read.

“Sponsorship received will be used to pay the 2022 ZNKF Membership and Affiliation Fees to the World Karate Federation, Union of African Karate Federations and African Karate Federation Region Five Council of sports.

“The good reputation we will achieve through this sponsorship forms the foundation of our 2022 activities as it entitles us to participate in all regional, continental and international karate events sanctioned by the World Karate Federation in 2022.”

As such, the federation may send representatives to regional, continental and international programs.

Rugwete added, “One such important event will be the training seminar to be held on the sidelines of the African Union Sports Council Region 5 Karate Championships in Durban in May, where the World Karate Federation is sending a expert trainer from Europe to train instructors from South Africa.

“ZNKF is grateful to OK Zimbabwe Limited and assures them of strict accountability in the management of ZNKF’s financial resources, which includes annual audited financial statements.

“At ZNKF, we will strive to create clean opportunities for OK Zimbabwe to advertise at our various events, so that they can see a return on this important investment.”

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