Karate Kid Ralph Macchio 60 years old – and it looks like he hasn’t aged a day

Ralph Macchio rose to fame at the age of 22 playing Daniel LaRusso in The Karate Kid movies – but three decades later he looks exactly the same

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Ralph Macchio talks about Cobra Kai at the Kids’ Choice Awards

He starred in the Karate Kid films when he was in his twenties, but actor Ralph Macchio looks like he hasn’t aged a day.

The 60-year-old now has fans scratching their heads over how he remains so young.

Explaining a possible reason for his anti-aging appearance, Ralph joked that he “blamed his parents”.

Describing himself as having a “youthful gene”, the actor said his mum and dad looked young for their age – and he believes that was passed on to him.

Perhaps this is due to her Mediterranean heritage since her father, also called Ralph, is half Italian and half Greek, while her mother Rosalie is fully Italian.

Now 60, Ralph still looks great three decades later


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“Listen – I blame my parents,” the actor said in an interview with PEOPLE magazine.

“They both look very young for their age and I have a youthful energy about me for some reason.”

He added that having a healthy lifestyle “doesn’t hurt”, but said: “I think I just got lucky in the gene department.”

Ralph has always looked younger than his age, even when he shot to fame at 22 in the original 1984 film Karate Kid.

Ralph as Daniel LaRusso with his mentor Mr. Miyagi


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He played martial arts student Daniel LaRusso—a high school weakling turned bully—who learns karate from his friend and mentor, Mr. Miyagi.

It was such a hit that Ralph starred in two more films in the franchise, with The Karate Kid II released in 1986 and The Karate Kid III released in 1989.

Ralph reprized his role as Daniel in the Netflix series Cobra Kai



These days, he’s back on our screens in the TV series Cobra Kai reprising his role as Daniel LaRusso.

The show follows a broken Johnny Lawrence as he reignites his rivalry with a now-successful Daniel.

Although it aired on YouTube Premium for the first two series, it has since been picked up by Netflix where series 3 is currently airing.

Ralph may look like a karate expert, but he’s not in real life


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Although karate has always been a part of Ralph’s life due to his career, it might surprise fans to know that he’s not really a martial arts expert.

The father-of-two, who has been married to his wife Phyliss for 35 years, admitted he was more of a “martial arts enthusiast” and had never entered the official karate belt system.

He told Yahoo: “In the second film, in Karate Kid: Part II, I had more time to train, so I got better. But in the first, I was only a few weeks old.

Referring to one of Karate Kid’s most famous scenes, he joked that if there was a fly in a restaurant, “I have about nine seconds to get out before someone hands me a pair of chopsticks”.

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