Korean Drama Series “My Liberation Note” Reveals Trailer And Release Date

It’s the story of three siblings who are tired of the drudgery of daily existence and are looking for something more.

Trailer and PLOT of ‘My Liberation Notes’. (Photo: Wzuz News)

Premiere of “My Release Note”

The first episode will air on Netflix and JTBC on April 9, and the second episode will air on April 10 in a two-part launch. JTBC in South Korea and Netflix in the world will broadcast “My Liberation Notes” Until the 16th episode, there will be two episodes released every week on Saturday and Sunday.

My Liberation Notes depicts the tale of three brothers (played by Lee Min-ki, Kim Ji-won, and Lee El) and a mysterious stranger (played by Son Seok-koo) who wish to escape their daily maturity and stalemate. . existence.

Lee Min-ki portrays Yeom Chang-hee, Kim Ji-won portrays Yeom Mi-jung, Son Seok-koo portrays Mr. Goo, and Lee El portrays Yeom Ki-jung in the series. Chun Ho Jin is Yeom Je H, Hyun Ah is Jeon Hye J, and Kwak Hye Suk is played by Lee Kyung Seong, all of whom are also part of the cast.

PLOT of ‘My Release Note’

The oldest, Yeom Ki Jung, has a short fuse. Due to her job, she spends a significant portion of her free time commuting between Seoul and her hometown of Sanpo Village, where she lives. Her life seems to be filled with moans. At the moment, she is in the period of life where she would like to find true love and be happy in a committed couple.

The family’s middle child, Yeom Chang Hee, expressed a desire to leave the home where he grew up. In his case, however, he lacks any sort of direction or vision for his future. In the family, he is the one most despised.

Yeom Mi Jung is the youngest member of the family. She longs to escape her monotonous existence, but her shy and reserved nature prevents her from doing so. As a result, she is depressed and lonely. Mr. Goo remains a mystery to her until one day she chooses to go up to him and introduce herself.

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