Kyrie Irving apparently responds to Nets general manager Sean Mark’s comments with an enigmatic image of Mr. Miyagi from “The Karate Kid”: “A picture worth a few words.”

Kyrie Irving has never been a player who has been shy about addressing speculation about him. On the contrary, Irving likes to add fuel to the fire and add to this speculation.

Brooklyn Nets general manager Sean Marks apparently messaged Kyrie Irving yesterday as he said he wants players available and fully dedicated to the franchise as the new season approaches.

Kyrie Irving may have reacted cryptically to these comments on social media.

Shortly after Sean Marks’ comments began making the rounds on social media, Irving shared a photo of Pat Morita, the legendary actor who played the iconic role of Mr. Miyagi in “The Karate Kid”. Irving then had an interesting legend; a picture worth a few words.

a picture is worth a few words

The GIF Irving posted was from the first episode of “The Karate Kid.” It serves as the film’s final shot, as Mr. Miyagi watches his star student, Daniel LaRusso, celebrate his unlikely victory at the All-Valley Karate Tournament. Perhaps Irving is hinting at his own victory in the near future.

It’s extremely difficult to decipher what Irving may have meant by this image, but it seems he was sending a message. What this message is, remains to be seen. For those wondering if Irving could signal a potential exit from Brooklyn, that would be unlikely.

Irving has already committed to the idea of ​​re-signing with the Brooklyn Nets, stating that he will continue to play alongside Kevin Durant.

The duo will be hungry to win an NBA championship, especially after their humiliating exit from the playoffs this year. A motivated Kyrie Irving could spell disaster for the rest of the league, as in his time Irving is nearly unstoppable.

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