Last Chance Binge: the Grandmaster is the best movie leaving Netflix soon


Streaming gives and it takes. The end of September is around the corner, which means a bunch of movies and TV shows are leaving streaming services (or just jostling each other). Last Chance Binge is here to remind you that time is running out for some great titles.

My best pick is The Grandmaster, a gorgeous martial arts action flick starring Tony Leung, who recently made his Hollywood debut in Marvel’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings – and essentially stole the film from the movie. foreground.

Shang-Chi has introduced many mainstream moviegoers to the charismatic Tony Leung, the veteran Hong Kong movie star. And the Marvel movie wouldn’t have performed as well without Leung’s magnetic performance as Xu Wenwu. His final scene illustrates why he is known as “the man who speaks with his eyes” in China.

If you’ve fallen in love with these eyes and want to see more of them, you have a satisfying journey ahead of you to explore Leung’s work. You can really choose at random from any of his films, but the departure of the Grandmaster from Netflix is ​​the perfect place to start. This is the most recent of Leung’s collaborations with iconic director Wong Kar-wai and showcases the martial arts skills the actor has demonstrated so well to Shang-Chi.

So, if you liked the beautiful ballet showdown between Wenwu and his future wife, Ying Li (Fala Chen) in Shang-Chi – my favorite action scene in the whole movie – get ready. Leung has a similar crackling chemistry with Zhang Ziyi in their fights in The Grandmaster.

In The Grandmaster, Leung plays Ip Man, the true master of the southern Chinese kung fu style called Wing Chun (he trained Bruce Lee). But the film isn’t really a biopic, rather an epic poem that explores art, loyalty, honor, and unity. The story resumes in the 1930s, when Ip Man lives with his family in Foshan. His quiet life is turned upside down by the arrival of an aging grand master who wants to crown an heir in southern China. He challenges Ip Man to a fight, which he wins.

In turn, the grandmaster’s daughter, Gong Er, challenges Ip Man in an effort to regain her family’s honor. A mind-boggling and passionate battle ensues, at the end of which Gong Er wins. Their moving connection, however, is put on hold when war breaks out in the country. Ip Man fell into poverty and moved to Hong Kong to teach martial arts. He and Gong Er meet again, but finding the past is never easy.

Watch The Grand Master on Netflix before his departure on Sunday September 26.

For more on Leung’s Smoldering Eyes game, check out Wong’s In the Mood For Love on HBO Max. For more martial arts prowess from Leung and Zhang, watch Hero on HBO Max.

Notable movies and shows leaving streaming soon:

In addition to The Grandmaster, check out these expiring titles:

Scream trilogy: The irreverent take on teen slasher flicks is always funny and scary, even if you know what happens to Drew Barrymore in the opening scene. (Leaving HBO Max September 30)

Star Trek seasons 1-3: Several Trek series, including the original flagship and Voyager, are making their way to Paramount Plus. (Leaving Netflix September 30)

Taken: Liam Neeson extends his very particular skills elsewhere (Leaves Hulu Sep 30).


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