London’s ‘Karate Kid’ celebrates 7 medals and first place at world championships

A teenager from London has won several medals at the Karate World Championships in Ireland.

Kaleb Boyle won seven medals, including four gold. He was the top Canadian in his class.

The intensity is evident in his facial expressions as he practices at his home in North West London.

The ‘Karate Kid’ black belt is the best in his age group. Not bad for a boy about to turn 13.

“I fell in love with the sport right after taking my first class,” Kaleb told CTV News London.

He said karate helped him cope with bullying, ADHD and vision issues.

Since then, her mother Lacy Hamlin-Boyle has seen her confidence and self-esteem grow.

“He used to be very scared and very nervous about a lot of things,” she said. “Karate gave him purpose. He’s definitely more confident.”

And it takes confidence to perform on the world stage.

With extreme weaponry, Kaleb put on such a display that his competitors seemed impressed.

His gold medal performance included a timed toss of a gun in the air. As his parents held their breath, he executed the move perfectly.

“You can be a little cocky, but you don’t want to be too cocky. It can ruin your performance,” Kaleb explained.

With the discipline that karate has given him, Kaleb hopes to one day pursue a career in the military.

But before that, he wants to inspire other kids struggling to find themselves to consider martial arts.

“If you’re one of the kids who sits in the room with video games all day, it’s a more active sport. More relationships, more friendships. There are more people supporting you and cheering you on. said Kaleb.

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