Macau International Museum Day Carnival 2022 kicks off, infusing the power of museums into the community

MACAU, May 29 – In order to celebrate International Museum Day on May 18, 20 museums in Macau are co-hosting the annual museum sector event, “Macau International Museum Day Carnival 2022”. The opening ceremony took place today (May 29), at Iao Hon Market Park, followed by the award ceremony for the podcast contest “One Museum, One Story: Expressing the Power of Museums through Sound” . The event included a performance by Macau’s tourism mascot “MAK MAK” and the Wing Chun martial arts performance by young martial artists. A wide range of intriguing activities also took place, including game kiosks, workshops, guided tours and a WeChat game with raffles, attracting active participation from residents.

The opening ceremony was presided over by Cultural Affairs Bureau Chairman Leong Wai Man; the director of the Macau Government Tourism Office, Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes; Museum of Communications Chief Curator Olivia Wong; the director of the Maritime Museum, Sit Kai Sin; the commissioner of the Office of Public Security Force Affairs, Seak Teng Fong; First Class Fire Service Bureau Chief Chan Kit Wa; Macao Science Center Deputy Curator Sylvester Cheong Hung Fat; the president of the Tung Sin Tong Charitable Society, José Chui Sai Peng; and Vice President of the Lin Zexu Memorial Museum in Macao, Kong Weng Heng.

The theme chosen by the International Council of Museums for this year’s International Museum Day is “The Power of Museums”. Under the impact of the global pandemic, museums are facing unprecedented challenges but still maintaining their original missions of providing cultural experiences and serving the public. Through different methods and media, museums seek to reveal their unique cultural essences, with the aim of deepening their relationship with the community and infusing the power of museums into the community.

Museums host a slew of activities on Carnival Day, including game booths such as “Museum Exhibit Shrink Plastic Keychain”, “Weigh the Preserved Fruits – Traditional Shopping Experiential Workshop”, “Treasure Hunt in an Office in Iao Hon “, “Treasure Hunt for Macao Transfer Gifts”, “Scent Search Journey – Maritime Spice Trade”, “Mailing Bullseye”, “Electric Track”, “The History of Tung Porcelain Sin Tong”, “Tales of Stones”, “Stories of the Specimen Suitcase”, and “Tough it out! Hold your breath!” which contains items from the Xian Xinghai Memorial Museum; as well as workshops such as “Dreaming in Macao Memory” (Iao Hon district), “VR Experiences of Bugs” and guided cultural tours. For more information on activities and how to register, visit the “Macao Museums” website ( In addition, the Hong Kong SAR Department of Recreation and Cultural Services has its advertising booths displayed at the event venue.

Macao International Museum Day Carnival 2022 is jointly organized by Sacred Art Museum and Crypt, Chong Sai Ancient Pharmacy, Tung Sin Tong Historical Archives Exhibition Hall, Xian Xinghai Memorial Museum , the Lin Zexu Memorial Museum of Macao, the Heritage Exhibition of a Traditional Pawnbroker Enterprises, Fire Service Museum, Maritime Museum, Communications Museum, Taipa and Coloane History Museum, Treasury of sacred art of St. Joseph’s Seminary, Former Residence of General Ye Ting, Zheng Guanying Memorial Museum, Macau Grand Prix Museum, Macau Transmission Gift Museum, Macau Security Force Museum, Macau Science Center, Museum of Macau, Macau Art Museum and Taipa Houses.

Museums will strictly follow relevant Health Bureau guidelines and implement appropriate measures. In cooperation with the SAR government’s epidemic prevention work, all participants must wear their face masks, undergo body temperature checks, present a valid “site QR code” (also called “site code”) ) and the “Macau health code” of the day, maintain social distance and follow anti-epidemic and crowd measures on site.

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