Martial arts center focuses on education, eyes turn to new location

The Jeffrey Konich Family Martial Arts Center works with students of all ages. (Picture/submitted)

HUDSON — Jeffrey Konich told his second-grade teacher exactly what he wanted to be when he grew up. Twenty-six years later, that dream has come true.

“I was referred by the elementary school guidance counselor to get into karate,” Konich recalled in a recent interview. “After five to 10 weeks of training, I knew I would do this my whole life.”

“The training gave me the ability to imagine what I wanted to be and it also gave me self-discipline,” he continued.

For three years Konich ran the Jeffrey Konich family martial arts center at 59 Apsley Street in Hudson. It is a place where education and discipline reign supreme.

“At the Family Martial Arts Center, we don’t train fighters, we teach students. We are not a sport; we are a school! Konich, a Leominster native, said.

“We teach holistic education and give people lessons to help them be better than they were yesterday, while developing the necessary vision and goal setting skills for a successful future. “

Students at the Konich Center are given homework to develop character habits that help them fight the enemy within using their secret weapon called Self Discipline!

“Most of the battles we face are in our minds,” Konich said. “We must learn to overcome our internal battles.”

Students at the Konich center range in age from three to over 70 years old.

“Our training is at your own pace,” he said. “We start wherever you are, but the idea is to achieve the same goals. Practice makes progress.

Such was the case with Konich’s daughter, who flourished at just three years old.

“She was able to do more than a five year old because she had training where she was able to learn general mobility skills, posture to strengthen her ankles, wrists and toes and resistance to know how to twist and pull,” Konich said.

Karate offers countless health benefits, Konich noted.

“It regulates blood flow, provides stamina and is an outlet for mental health,” he said.

Perhaps most importantly, it helps increase flexibility, improve structural alignment, and strengthen the body to increase longevity and prevent injury.

Konich taught karate to each of his three children, ages 10, 9 and 4. In turn, they help him teach beginners’ classes at the center.

“By teaching classes with my children, it gives parents a safe space to learn and grow with their children,” Konich said. “About 90% of our parents train with their children.”

The Family Martial Arts Center plans to move to a new location in Hudson’s Highland Commons plaza. (Picture/submitted)

By the end of this year, Konich will move its martial arts center to a new 3,000 square foot space in the Highland Commons area of ​​Hudson.

“I’ve been watching this area since we moved to Hudson,” Konich said. “The area has a lot of exposure and I’m sure we’ll attract more students when we get there.”

Maybe one day one of those students will open their own martial arts center, Konich said.

“I’m looking for an eight-year-old like me with the same vision, and they’re definitely out there,” he said.

Learn more about the Family Martial Arts Center by visiting their website at

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