Max Boxing – News – Andy Ruiz vs. Luis Ortiz

Details : Sunday (NOT Saturday) September 4, 2022, from Arena, LA, CA, and Fox PPV (ouch)! It’s Andy ‘Destroyer’ Ruiz vs. Luis, “King Kong” Ortiz – what else, VERY heavyweight.

Background: Blame it on Covid-19 but also on the weird state of boxing that many or most of the big games fans crave are delayed. Delayed to a point where the guys who finally fight them are past their prime, or at best the fighters are the same, but public interest is waning.

Ruiz vs. Ortiz is NOT such a fight. Few demanded it, and as a Fox PPV — even at $39.99 — it’s an outrage.

All of the above aside, this is a pretty good fight. We have Ortiz, a very old man by boxing standards, one punch away a few times from making Deontay Wilder irrelevant.

Then we have Andy ‘Doughboy’ Ruiz, the guy who beat Joshua and, had he practiced, he would have easily beaten him again. And in his pathetic and disrespectful (to himself and all the fans) condition of the second fight, he still came within 2” and 10 seconds more of conditioning, of making Joshua otherwise irrelevant – overrated , “not as good as we thought,” choose your favorite boxing flip-flop. In short, throwing a strawberry jam factory’s worth into the faces of Ant and Eddie Hearn.

Ranks of fighters: (Speed, Power, Defense, Range, Age, Stamina, Experience)

Andy Ruiz: B+B+ B- C+ B- B+ B+ Total: C+ (3.0)

Luis Ortiz: B, BB B- C- B B+ Total: B- (2.8)

Reality check: This should be the first fight in the final stage of Ortiz’s career, and if he loses, there shouldn’t be a final stage. If Andy Ruiz loses in any situation except cheating, he becomes a keeper and probably an infrequent. He doesn’t exactly fight all the time.

If Ortiz is as good as Wilder’s version of the second fight, Andy should have his hands full.

It’s smaller, with a four-inch range disadvantage. Of course, at 43, Ortiz may have gotten “older, overnight.” Granted, punchers rarely lose their punch, but Ruiz is extremely fast, and a hard-working Ortiz would be in trouble.

I once wrote in an article for Ruiz-Arreola: “You don’t have to be Freud to see that, like Arreola, Ruiz lacks that essential self-confidence.”

I’m still not sure he does.

He’s not 29 like he was when he destroyed Joshua. He is 32 years old. Speed ​​is almost always the first thing that goes into an athlete, and yes, that includes, clichés aside, heavyweight boxers. I have no reason to think Ruiz is slowing down, but he’s about to do so by normal standards.

If he wants to fight for a championship again and still incur his huge reported expenses (his money must run out), his window of opportunity is shrinking – and will soon be the size of a postage stamp, not a ‘a window.

Leftie Ortiz is a pretty complete package. But – it’s a very different type of package. It comes completely sideways – I love it. He is southpaw but often relies on throwing false lefts that miss inches and doing damage with his left hand, right. His style is probably not transferable! It’s a mix of good and bad that was probably designed long ago for him in Cuba.

Ortiz is a good defensive fighter who can quickly switch from defense to offense. Ortiz is looking for two-hit combinations. Don’t expect long sequences of combinations from Ortiz.

Ruiz throws both an overhand and a straight right. He is able to throw straight punches with both hands.

He’s looking for the right but it’s a fair spiel. He has a great left hook to the body. He’s faster than Ortiz, who himself is fast.

Combat and prediction: Ortiz, Wilder aside, is a gifted man with huge experience in two different systems, Cuban amateur and American professional. Says here he rocks Ruiz a few times, and we get some great exchanges throughout.

I could see a worn-out Ortiz succumbing earlier, but I’m not dithering on predictions. I see a fight in which both show flashes of brilliance, but Ruiz’s lower odometer is the difference.

Andy Ruiz, TKO Luis Ortiz, 11.

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