Michael Bisping reacts to the boxing of Jake Paul Hasim Rahman Jr.



Social media superstar and boxer Jake Paul is set to fight Hasim Rahman Jr. and UFC Hall of Famer Michael Bisping has paid tribute to ‘The Problem Child’.

On July 7, Paul (5-0) announced that instead of boxing Tommy Fury, he would face Rahman Jr. on August 6 at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Rahman Jr., a 12-1 professional boxeris the son of former heavyweight champion Hasim Rahman and has six wins via KO/TKO.

“Bigger, stronger, more experienced, knockout power,” Paul tweeted, pointing to Rahman Jr. ticking all those boxes. ” But it does not matter. They don’t have my heart, don’t have my drive and certainly don’t have my team. August 6, I show the world that Jake Paul is a bad f***** mother. Press conference and tickets go on sale Tuesday 1 p.m. ET.

The match with Fury fell through about a week after ‘TNT’ was arrested by Homeland Security in England. He was denied entry to the United States for a press conference to promote the fight.

Paul last boxed in December when he knocked out former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley in a rematch.

Bisping and Ariel Helwani give Paul props

Bisping and Paul have a history, with both men tearing up on social media while expressing interest in the fight. Well, Bisping reacted to Paul’s new fight and he gave The Problem Child props. “Credit where credit is due”, Bisping tweeted. “Jake Paul is finally fighting a real opponent.”

‘The Count’ also ruled out the likelihood of Rahman Jr. being paid to do a “dive” for Paul, whom he has trained with in the past. “I think ‘dives’ are a lot less frequent than people think,” he said. tweeted. “Maybe, strongly doubt.”

A fight fan also shared his research into the boxing records of former opponents of Rahman Jr., who they say had a total of “108” losses. “Yeah, but novice boxers and fighters always fight people with padded records early on,” Bisping replied. “At least he’s a boxer, young and the same size.”

Ariel Helwani of “The MMA Hour” also came out to support Paul’s new fight.

“Anyone who tells you they expected this from a 5-0 Paul is a liar,” he said. tweeted. “Anyone who tries to discredit him (ewwwww he just lost. Ewwwww he’s a former sparring partner) is a hater. Go see who other boxers are fighting 5-0. Fair is fair. Respect.”

“The sparring-partner line is the funniest”, Helwani continued. “You know how many former sparring partners end up fighting? Hello. Very fair and appropriate match.

Paul said he was warned not to fight Rahman Jr.

According to Paul, he has had his eyes on Rahman Jr. since they trained together two years ago. And even though his brother, Logan Paul, and his manager didn’t want The Problem Child to box the heavyweight, he went along with it anyway.

That’s what Paul wrote on Instagram and he also shared a clip of himself and Rahman Jr. going at it verbally inside a boxing ring. See the Instagram post below:

Paul wrote:

“I’ve wanted this fight since Hasim threw his big mouth at me 2 years ago in the gym (swipe right) My brother and my manager didn’t want me to take this fight. They said it was too much risky. The New York State Athletic Commission wouldn’t approve this fight because they said Hasim had too much experience for me. He has over 100 amateur fights. 10 times more than Tommy… but I’m built different. I’m psychotic. CHAOTIC. PROBLEMATIC. But “he’s a heavyweight” they said. I don’t care, I’m the chip that fights, they can’t hit me… I I’m slick like butter and with speed like no other My power is unique and my style is elegant I’ve weakened the toughest men I’m not afraid of any man or what “may” happen No boxer has taken such a risk this early in their career. They don’t have my heart, they don’t have my soul, they don’t have my drive and they sure don’t have my heart. not my team. Welcome to the story. To take a picture.”

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