is having a Father’s Day Sale with a discount on Foam Nunchaku is having a Father’s Day sale in June and is offering a special discount on his foam nunchaku.

Readers interested in purchasing the foam nunchucks can get $5 off with coupon code – “$5OFF”. The nunchucks, which usually sell for $25.99, can be purchased on Father’s Day for just $20.99. The Father’s Day sale is scheduled for June 1, 2022 and will run until the end of the month. Apart from nunchaku, the store also offers related weapons and accessories for sale online in a range of categories such as Escrima/Arnis, Kamas, Knives, Sai, Shinais, Sticks, Swords, Tonfa, Yawara/Kubotan, Exotic Chinese, Sword holders, and carrying cases.

A spokesperson for the online martial arts supply store talks about the appeal of nunchucks, saying, “If you have a dad who grew up in the 70s or 80s, you can bet your bottom dollar he had to love martial arts movies. which were imported into the United States during those decades from China and other Asian countries. For a while, they apparently took all the spirit of the action movie back to Hollywood. Bruce Lee was one of the greatest pioneers of this genre of films that offered thrills through impressive stunts and creative action. A gifted martial artist, talented actor, and accomplished action choreographer, his talent spearheaded much of the fascination that children, and even adults, developed over those decades for comedy movies. Martial Arts. The iconic image of Bruce Lee holding the nunchucks on the “Enter the Dragon” poster is permanently etched in the minds of an entire generation of men who came to prominence during this era. This Father’s Day, if you want to give your dad a gift that instantly takes him back to his formative years and makes him giddy with nostalgia, you might consider getting him the foam nunchucks we have for sale on MyKarateStore. com. If you know your dad, you know he’ll want a pair of nunchakus for Father’s Day. If you like it, you’ll buy the foam-covered set for its safety. For the Father’s Day sale you can even get them at a reduced price. There is no reason to miss this deal.” also has a ton of different related products that can become an essential purchase once the buyer is comfortable with their foam nunchaku purchase. For example, those who want to learn how to get the most out of their brand new foam nunchucks may also consider purchasing the DVD or VHS of the tutorial series titled “Nunchaku by Dave Hansen” which is currently available in 3 volumes. The first volume shows all the basics, including warm-ups, breathing, stances, blocks, strikes, and drills. The content of the first DVD is based on the martial arts curriculum of Sundragon, producer of many nunchaku champions and masters. In the second volume, viewers can learn many new striking methods and accompanying exercises, including a special training form called “Dragon Myst”, which reinforces all techniques in a fluid and flashy form. Additionally, the second volume also teaches the basics of twin nunchaku. Finally, the third volume in the series offers advanced nunchaku training that focuses on the use of two nunchaku and open hand techniques. In the third volume, viewers can learn speed techniques, pirouettes, rolls and combination forms. contains a wide range of martial arts related items in several categories such as accessories, decorations, body armor, books, canvas punch bags, double ended balls, speedballs, DVDs, VHS Videos, Combat Clothing, Sportswear, Focusmaster, Judo Gi, Judo Uniforms, Karate Gi, Karate Uniforms, Karate Belts, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), Muay Thai Equipment, Patches, safety and security, school hygiene, shields and targets, t-shirts, training equipment, Wing Chun dummies, combat equipment, Wavemaster, weapons and gift certificates. The store’s offer includes well-known brands such as Adidas, AWMA, Century, Dragon Well (Lungchuan), Everlast, Independent, KWON, Oasis, PDT-TRAINING, Security Plus, Tiger Claw and Tokaido Japan.

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