Navi Mumbai: 15-year-old strangles mother with karate belt after argument over her studies

A 15-year-old girl has reportedly strangled her mother with a karate belt following a heated argument over her preparations for the National Eligibility and Entrance Test (NEET) medical entrance exam in Navi Mumbai.

The incident took place under the jurisdiction of the Rabale police station on July 30 at around 2:10 a.m. when the miner’s father had traveled to Thane to meet his sister.

The minor is an MBBS aspirant and while preparing for the NEET medical entrance exam, she did not take the preparations seriously. On July 30, the girl and her mother allegedly had an altercation while the minor was not paying attention to her studies, and then the woman allegedly beat her, police said.

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“The minor was threatened by her mother with a knife and she feared the mother would kill her. So, in retaliation, she pushed the woman because of whom she fell and hit her head on the bed. Using a karate belt, the minor tore it from her hands and used it to strangle her mother to death, ”police said.

MINOR tries to pass death off as suicide

After the teenager strangled her mother, she used the victim’s cell phone to send a Whatsapp message to her father, maternal uncle and aunt, stating that she [mother] ended his life.

The message read “I tried everything, I quit”.

After sending the messages at 2:39 p.m., the minor left the room and locked the door to show that her mother had committed suicide inside the room, locking herself inside, police said. .

“The minor then called her father to inform him that her mother had locked herself inside and was not opening the door despite repeated knocking on the door. The minor’s father then asked her step- brother to rush to his home and check his wife who was not opening the bedroom door, ”police added.

The deceased’s brother forced open the door and found his sister lying unconscious with the karate belt around her neck. He then called the police at 3:10 p.m., who sent the body for an autopsy.

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The autopsy revealed that the victim had been strangled, after which the police began to question the suspects.

Police also learned that on July 27 there had been an altercation between mother and daughter at her uncle’s home and police had to intervene.

According to Rabale police, the minor had been reprimanded by her father for not paying attention to her studies and being constantly on the phone, after which she left her residence and went to her maternal uncle. The mother arrived at the scene and berated the minor, which escalated into an argument and the police had to intervene to resolve the issue.

“While the minor was the only person at home when the incident occurred, she disclosed everything about the incident during questioning. She was sent to a juvenile home,” police said. .

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