Nicholas Liou explains the benefits of taekwondo for women

Nicholas Liou has practiced Taekwondo most of his life

Taekwondo expert Nicholas Liou recently explained the benefits of taekwondo for women

Taekwondo surrounds you with other men and women who have as much power as you.

– Nicolas Liou

EVANSTON, Illinois, USA, November 24, 2021 / – Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that has been praised for its physical and medical benefits. Nicholas Liou has practiced taekwondo for most of his life and recently explained how the sport can benefit women.

“Taekwondo can be beneficial for individuals of all ages,” Liou said. “But I’d like to take a moment to focus on how this can be particularly beneficial for women as a form of physical activity and self-defense.”

Taekwondo is a martial art that offers the individual much more than fighting skills. This sport involves training the body and mind to improve life and the mind. It was developed as a sport that offers faster and stronger strikes than other martial arts.

For this reason, Taekwondo is considered an effective form of self-defense. Techniques and kicks have been shown to be effective in protecting oneself from others. The tools used in the sport of Taekwondo are considered effective in resolving altercations.

“One of the main benefits of learning Taekwondo for women is that most attackers don’t expect a woman to know the techniques of the sport,” said Nicholas Liou. “A typical abuser expects a woman to traditionally bite, hit or kick. However, a woman familiar with Taekwondo can give a powerful front kick or even a rotunda to the liver.”

Liou explained that these movements can be more effective in self-defense than traditional movements. The element of surprise combined with superior strength and aim can be extremely helpful.

Another major benefit of Taekwondo for women is confidence. Sport is designed to improve confidence and self-esteem by providing strength and skills. Many people who practice taekwondo see improvements in posture, self-awareness, and overall well-being.

“Taekwondo surrounds you with other men and women who have as much power as you,” said Nicholas Liou. “It creates a strong group of like-minded people who you can confide in. Your taekwondo group will quickly become some of your closest peers. “

Nicholas Liou explained that the people you practice Taekwondo with will quickly become a family. They are people who can be confided in through the ups and downs of life. These friendships encourage you to progress in the sport of taekwondo and throughout life. Taekwondo instructors also tend to be great sources of encouragement and knowledge.

“The technical practices of Taekwondo put the person first when it comes to physical confrontation,” Liou said. “It doesn’t matter whether that person is tall or short, fast or slow. The skills they have learned through taekwondo can help them be successful against almost any opponent.”

Liou ended by saying that the best way to experience the benefits of Taekwondo is to try the sport for yourself.

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