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Through Ken Hissner: At the Olympia Theater, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Friday, on ESPN + Top Rank Boxing, Daniel Otter (Trois lions promotions) and Yvon Michel (GYM Promotions) featured in the main event the former Colombian NABF heavyweight champion Oscar “Kaboom Rivas of Montreal, Canada, defeating undefeated NABA Cruiserweight champion Ryan “The Bruiser” Rozicki of Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada for the vacant WBC Bridgerweight title in a terrific 12 rounds.

In the Main Event, Colombian Oscar “Kaboom” Rivas, 28-1 (19), # 222.2, of Montreal, CAN, in a war defeated NABA Cruiserweight champion Ryan “The Bruiser” Rozicki, 13-1 (13) , # 203, from Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada, for the vacant WBC Bridgerweight title, over 12 rounds.

In the first round, the two fighters stood end to end, hitting with the heaviest Rivas delivering the most effective punches. In the final seconds, he injured Rozicki with a left hook. In the second round, the punches continued, with the two having their moments while Rivas appeared to have an advantage. In the third round, Rozicki did well enough to take the left-handed start for ten seconds before returning to orthodoxy.

In the fourth round, both fighters continued to give the crowd to cheer. Rivas got away with pushing Rozicki away without referee Michael Griffin notifying him. Rozicki may have equalized the score in this round as Rivas appeared to be slowing down. In the fifth lap, Rivas came back well, getting as close as possible. Rozicki showed blood from his nose or mouth.

In the sixth round, both worked on body shots for the most part. Neither has taken a step back. The seventh and eighth rounds continued in a war, with Rozicki holding his own. By the ninth lap both were almost exhausted, with Rivas leaning on Rozicki at times and finishing the lap with a solid right to the chin. By lap ten it was Rozicki looking a little cooler in a fight.

In the eleventh round, while Rivas seemed to have injured Rozicki, the latter came back in the last thirty seconds. On the twelfth and last lap, the photo flew away! Rivas ended up winning the 12 round.

The scores were 116-111 and 115-112 twice, with this writer 115-112.
Light heavyweight Terry Osias, 10-0 (4), # 172.7, of Longueuil, Quebec, CAN, defeated Joaquin “Bandolero” Murrieta, 9-10-3 (7), # 173.4, of Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, MEX, plus six rounds.

In the first round it was competitive, with Osias landing Murrieta. In the second round, Osias continued to be the aggressor, but Murrieta held on for the most part. In the third round, a forehand from Osias to the head prompted Murrieta to complain that he put him behind the head to referee Yvon Goulet without any action being taken. Osias went on to win the round.

In the fourth and fifth rounds, Osias continued to land Murrieta, who is in survival mode. On the sixth and final lap, a right to the body of Osias made one of Murrieta’s feet lift off the canvas. Murrieta hit back more in this round than in previous rounds, but not enough to win a round as Osias claimed the header rights.

The scores were 60-54 by all judges and this writer.

In a rematch, Cruiserweight Francis Charbonneau, 4-1 (1), # 199.8, of Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec, CAN, scored a knockdown by beating Alexandre Roberge, 1-2 (0), # 208, of Lanoraie, Quebec, CAN, on four entertaining tours.

In the first round, in the last minute of the round, a forehand from Charbonneau knocked Roberge down on him and down for a count of 8 from referee Padoulo, Jr., but managed to pass the round. In the second lap, Roberge came back on a tight lap.

In the third round, Charbonneau landed from the left to the chin to get Roberge’s attention to start the round. Then in the final seconds, it was Roberge who landed straight to the chin, attracting Charbonneau’s attention. In the fourth and final round, the two had their moments, with Charbonneau having the advantage. The two kissed afterward, showing good sportsmanship.

The scores were 40-36 and 39-36 twice, as did this writer.
Super Welter Kevin Menoche, 5-0 (4), # 153.8, of Repentigny, Quebec, CAN, won a contested decision over Thad Buntsma Ridsdill, 2-3 (1), # 153.4, of Oshawa, Ontario, CAN, on four solid rounds.

In the first round, halfway through, Menoche landed a flurry of punches, which allowed the referee to give Ridsdill a standing 8 count. In the last minute, a right from Menoche hurt Ridsdill, but he came back. In the second round, Menoche got out where he left off, but it was short-lived. Ridsdill worked on Menoche’s body for almost a minute, then landed to the right, snapping his head back as he took the turn.

In the third round it was all Ridsdill with Menoche supporting the entire round, throwing an occasional wild right. In the fourth, Ridsdill continued to run, Menoche retaliating more but not enough to win the lap. The smaller Ridsdill showed a lot of courage after the first round.

The scores were 39-36 and 38-37 twice for Menoche with this writer 38-37 Ridsdill.

In a Rock em ‘sock em’ Heavyweight fight, left-hander Alexis Barrière, 4-0 (3), # 235, of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, CAN, scored two knockdowns and was knocked down, beating Rafael Abdala, 5-2 (3), # 211, Cuernavaca, Morelos, MEX, in four rounds.

In the first round, after twenty seconds, a left from Barrière on the chin dropped Abdala for a count of 8 from referee Albert Padulo, Jr. Halfway through the round, a left touched one of the gloves. from Abdala to the canvas for a reversal. In the last minute, it was a right from Abdala to the knockout chin Barrière for a count of 8.

In the third round, the two had their moments, with Canadian amateur champion Barrier winning big over 41-year-old Abdala. On the fourth and final lap, Barrier attempted a fourth straight save and nearly knocked Abdala down seconds before the bell rang.

The scores were all 40 to 36, as was this writer.


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