Over HK $ 500,000 raised for family of murdered Hong Kong taxi driver

More than HK $ 500,000 was collected for the family of the taxi driver who died after being stabbed by a passenger.

Family members of Wai Kim-hung, the 48-year-old man who was killed earlier this month after being stabbed in Sai Ying Pun, received HK $ 400,000 from the Hong Kong Taxi and Public on Tuesday. Light Bus Association.

A letter written by Wai Kim-hung’s daughter and signed by his wife thanking the public for their support following Wai’s murder. Photo: Supplied.

The association’s vice president Paul Lam told HKFP that a total of HK $ 568,060 had been raised, some of which were pledges. Wai’s family will receive the remaining amount once all donations are collected.

Lam said the 48-year-old had three children and the oldest was a student at Chinese University in Hong Kong. According to HK01, Wai’s three children were aged 18, 13 and 9.

“I told Ms. Wai that the donations should be enough for her daughter’s four-year university fees,” Lam said. He said the money would help them have “a more stable life now – as to other matters, then we will help them apply to the welfare department.”

“I also told her to tell her daughter to study hard, and we’ll help them figure out the tuition fees and other grants.”

Lam said Ms Wai had agreed to make her bank account details public so that charities and the public could donate directly to her.

Police investigated the taxi after Wai Kim-hung was stabbed by a passenger and later died from his injuries. Photo: News from the stand.

The vice president also said the widow was now “more relaxed”. In a letter written by Wai’s daughter and signed by Ms. Wai, the family thanked the audience for their support and care.

“My husband was innocently killed, I lost the love of my life and the children lost their father… in this difficult time, [we] received a lot of sympathy and attention from many citizens… ”, we read in the letter. “[T]here is love in the world, we are thankful again and again.

The family demanded that the killer be punished in order to “comfort Wai’s spirit in Heaven.”

Bonus of HK $ 300,000 for the suspect

Police arrested a man on Lamma Island earlier in October who was suspected of Wai’s murder.

Former general manager Leung Chun-ying offered a bounty of HK $ 300,000 from his “803 fund” to anyone with information leading to the arrest.

Tracy, a resident of Lamma Island who found the suspect and alerted the police, said in an interview with HKFP that she was told she could get a percentage of the fund “because this is a special case”.

The suspect has been charged with murder and is currently being held at the Siu Lam Psychiatric Center.

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