Peterborough Karate School Raises Thousands of Dollars to Fight Cancer in Charitable Relay Fundraiser

The Hicks karate team has been pumped to raise money for cancer research.

The Hicks Karate School team began fundraising after a suggestion from a committee member and snowballed with over 20 members volunteering to help affected family and friends. cruel disease.

From sponsored silences to spar-a-thons, the team gave it their all in a series of three-month fundraising events. At first the team hoped to raise £ 500, but they raised £ 428 in the first event and their total stands at over £ 1,500.

The group took part in Relay For Life, a 24-hour community relay race across the country to raise funds for cancer research. The 20-person team was one of several teams to travel the route at Ferry Meadows on October 10.

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Close friends Casey Stone and Lucy Hicks participated in a sponsored silence during their classes.

Samantha Hicks, who runs the school alongside her husband Andrew said they were both very proud of their students.

Andrew, is a Sensai, the most senior Karate teacher.

Samantha said: “The relay event went really well. It was a very emotional day and hearing the statistics and the stories of the survivors made all the fundraising that everyone else did mean so much more. We were delighted to be able to count on a team to demonstrate and offer martial arts demonstrations. Team members took turns taking turns throughout the day, from our little ninjas to our adult instructors. Our students were on site to participate in many activities.

“It was a great atmosphere that we were proud to be a part of. We are also very proud of our students who have raised funds so far and donations continue to flow. The highlights were definitely showing our demo with members of all classes showing how fun and good martial arts is for you and our Kata students showcased their awards. attach. Our students also loved getting involved in the Zumba sessions – just to celebrate fitness and energy. Some students were creative with their laps and weighted squats.

Following in each other’s footsteps, Darren Sindall and Jason Brudenell ran over 40 miles between them for charity.

“We used the towers to reflect on the amazing survivors who were there, whom we celebrated. Martial arts are all about respect and general well-being. It was great to be able to show our students what they were doing and inspire them to dig deep and give back to the wider community and we were overwhelmed by their individual efforts which gave us an excellent total of ‘team.

Darren Sindall of Hampton, who trains in their adult classes, completed a massive 37km run around Rutland Water in August, which inspired fellow instructor Jason Brudenell to get his coaches back. He followed in his footsteps and completed an additional 23 miles to raise over £ 600 together.

Close friends and junior black belts Lucy Hicks and Casey Stone participated in a 24-hour sponsored silence throughout their classes.

Lucy (14), who attends Arthur Mellows Village College, helped raise funds to complete her Duke of Edinburgh award.

Six-year-old James Thurling completed a 60-lap bike ride for the team’s fundraising.

She said: “It is really important for me to fundraise for cancer research. There have been a lot of young people who have suffered from cancer in the media lately which made people realize that it can happen to anyone.

“It affected my family and friends and luckily because of the work cancer research has done and because of more fundraising more and more people are surviving and beating him.

“I’ve seen our team’s fundraising total increase and it’s a brilliant feeling and I hope we can take it further.”

The team came together thanks to the wind and the sun to finish the course by encouraging each other throughout the afternoon. The group named ‘Hicks Karate’ were Peterborough’s second highest fundraising team as they raised a whopping £ 1,679. The combined target for all Peterborough teams is £ 28,000 and currently stands at £ 20,000.

The group still has two challenges ahead, including a Halloween bake sale where they aim to increase their donations even further.

Donations can still be made through Team Hicks Karate to Lifetime Relay Peterborough at

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