PHOTOS: Hailsham Boxing Club travels 100 miles in ‘extreme heat’ for mental health

The Hailsham Boxing Club, run by Samuel Buchanan, took up the challenge to walk 100 miles without sleeping to raise money and awareness for Head Up, a forced mental health charity for men.

The idea was born when Samuel forcibly joined forces with his old army friend Dan Birrd.

He said: “Dan Birrd approached me and said he had this idea and asked if I wanted to join them, so collectively we built a mixed ability team. It was a huge undertaking as we realized from the start.

“As we know mental health is a big issue right now and this charity was best suited to meet the challenge, we wanted to help them achieve their goal.”

The Head Up founder is currently running a 5,000 mile challenge – 191 marathons around the UK coast in 218 days.

The group of 13 braved the road from Winchester to Eastbourne in temperatures reaching 34 degrees. They left at 7 a.m. on August 11 and only two people finished on August 13 at 12 p.m. – James Woodroofe and Sam Debonnaire.

Samuel said: “The temperatures we endured were extreme. There weren’t many waterholes on the way and they were widely spread over a large area.

“Luckily we had family and friends who met us at various checkpoints throughout the challenge with food and water – they are real heroes.

“It was a huge undertaking and by taking on the challenge collectively we have raised around £5,000 so far.”

Samuel says the next challenge on the horizon is to climb two mountains in Scotland and one in the Lake District for food banks in Hailsham.

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