Profit Gym and Vargas Boxing Fight Night Inaugural Amateur Boxing Event

On Saturday night, Profit Gym and Vargas Boxing delivered Fight Night, their first amateur boxing event. They made it an event by hosting several vendors in the parking lot, including the South Shore Cigar Club, a taco truck, and an adult beverage truck. Thirteen fights took place. All fights were amateur. The event took place inside the Vargas Boxing Gym in Deer Park, located across from Profit Gym.

As the US Boxing Commission judged the fighters, these young amateurs showed off their hard work inside the gymnasium. Each fight was action packed as fans cheered on their fighter. Each winner left with a beautiful belt and the second received a small trophy.

In the main event, Armoni Gasten ran through a tough opponent. Gasten used cunning head movement and a strong straight right hand to defeat his foe. This youth fight showed the talent of both fighters. If they stay in the sport and don’t hit a wall of burnout, these young athletes have real potential.

Every fight that took place showed the talent of these young fighters. This number of young talents in the sport of boxing is incredible. Events like this create a path for these amateur fighters to hone their skills. The support these athletes are receiving is undeniable as it was a sold out crowd in the scorching heat.

In every fight, the fighters gave their hearts in the competition. As they gain experience, these boxers will begin to separate themselves from others as talent and hard work become the formula for their success.

Another boxer who pulled out a fight after losing the first round, Issac Bailey received an RSC (Referee Stops The Contest) in the third round at 0:54. Bailey took an 8 count in round one, then stormed back in rounds two and three with a sharp jab. He seemed to build momentum as the fight continued and he continued to deliver straights into the barrel snapping his opponents heads back.

Professional boxer Alex Vargas was present and watched from the audience. Here’s what he has to say about the fights happening in last night’s event.

Last night there were a few celebrities in attendance, like Anthony Scalza (IFBB Olympiain), Anthony Tumminello (4 times International Fitness Cover Model – Men’s Fitness Cover twice) and Alex Vargas (Professional Boxer 12-0, 4KOs).

The second event is scheduled to take place in the fall of 2022. Be sure to follow them on social media at @vargas_boxing and @pro_fitdeerpark.

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