Ralph Macchio wants a Karate Kid universe after Cobra Kai

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Alessandra Nivola talks about being Kravenis the bad guy. Discover the new hellraiser. Jerry and Morty get slim in new, mysterious rick and morty season 6 art. Also, another look at Supernatural spin off The Winchesters, and Vincent D’Onofrio keeps teasing his return to the Marvel Universe. Spoilers get!

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Joker 2: Madness for Two

According Deadlineby Justin Kroll, actor Brendan Gleeson is ‘likely’ to play ‘the warden’ or ‘a security guard’ at Arkham in the musical Joker after.

Cruel 2

In a related way, The uninitiated alleges Taylor Swift is courted to play villain in not-so-fortuitous situation musical following Cruel. Are we facing another deep impact/Armageddon script?

Kraven the hunter

Alessandra Nivola discussed playing her undisclosed Kraven the hunter villain in a recent interview with THR.

It’s just a great character part, and I didn’t have to do any CGI. I didn’t have to do a green screen. I only transform, physically, in the final moments of the movie, so it’s just a classic villain role. There was some really interesting and complex psychology and personal history to build on, and the movie has a time jump, so the character changes a lot from how he is at the start of the movie. It was as much of an acting opportunity as any other movie I’ve done, and I didn’t have to just wear a spandex outfit or something. (Laughs.)

The Karate Kid Cinematic Universe

Ralph Macchio also said there was a possibility Cobra Kai will spawn its own”Karate Kid Cinematic Universe” in a conversation with comics.

The thing that was created, there’s kind of this Karate Kid cinematic universe now where Cobra KaI’m, you know, at the center of that and when that day comes around for a landing, there are other areas to tap into. I mean, whatever… is there a Miyagi origin story? is there Cobra Kai prequel before The Karate Kid? Are there any spinoffs with some of the young actors of these characters? Who knows? But we’re not done until we’re given the opportunity to really integrate it. As long as it evolves organically, these guys writing the show really have their finger on the pulse of that. There’s stuff they wrote in season 3 that didn’t happen until season 4 because there was no more room in season 3. There’s stuff that was in season 5 that we know we’ve shot and that are being held up for the future if we get that green light, so there’s more to come, we hope.


Weekly entertainment has our first look at Jamie Clayton’s Pinhead and a new Cenobite called “The Mask” in Hulu’s hellraiser.

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Photo: Hulu

The visitor

After moving into a new house, a man finds a portrait of himself titled The visitor in the attic. The film is available on VOD this October 7 if you’re looking for a giallo-esque mystery with ambiguous supernatural overtones.

The Visitor | Official trailer | Paramount Movies

The Winchesters

The envelope reports that Bridget Regan has joined the cast of Supernatural prequel series like a sugary-voiced pirate radio DJ, Rockin’ Roxy hijacks the airwaves of Lawrence, Kansas to deliver a nasty new sound. Behind the mic, she has an electric charm and a rapidly growing fan base. But as our heroes will sadly learn, not all Roxy listeners are of the human variety.

Meanwhile, a new Winchester The TV spot is full of demons, spiders, spirits, and werewolves.

The Winchesters | Destiny | Season Trailer | The CW

rick and morty

Morty and Jerry are reduced to translucent green slime in a mysterious new poster for the sixth season of rick and morty. Could this be a consequence of the current “Wormageddon“multimedia event? We encourage you to speculate in the comments…

Daredevil: Born Again/Echo

Vincent D’Onofrio has again teased his return to the MCU with a Wilson Ball on Twitter. Very funny.

The Midnight Club

Empire also has a new image of the holder Nightclub in Mike Flanagan’s adaptation of Christopher Pike’s novel. Enjoy how each character’s drink choice evokes their personality.

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The imperfect

Finally, a mad scientist creates a teenage chupacabra, banshee, and succubus in the trailer for The Imperfects, an original 10 –series of episodes premiering September 8 on Netflix.

The Imperfect | Official trailer | netflix

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