Retired Miguel Cotto: I don’t miss anything from boxing

Although boxing was his life for 16 years, the Hall of Famer now enjoys the peace of mind that comes from not preparing for a big fight night.

Throughout a 16-year career, Miguel Angel Cotto managed to conquer four weight classes, but when he decided to hang up the gloves – at the age of 37 – there was no going back. backward.

Now, five years after that last fight (which he lost to Saddam Ali), the Puerto Rican Hall of Famer looks back with pleasure and satisfaction on all he experienced in the ring, but the desire to put the gloves back on instantly turned off. he walked out of the ring at Madison Square Garden that night in 2017.

“I’m calmer, without the pressure of training or bodybuilding or diets, I’m calmer and focused on the family. I really appreciate those quiet moments, the ones I maybe didn’t have when I was active,” Cotto told DAZN during a recent visit to Mexico.

“I don’t miss boxing… boxing is for times. I’ve been yelled at, I’ve been encouraged, now they’ve stopped yelling at me and it’s time to yell at those who come behind me,” said the veteran who now spends his time with his family and is establishing his own boxing promotion.

Although he is not someone who watches the sport weekend after weekend, Cotto started his boxing promotion business just over a decade ago.

“The fact that I am a promoter is my father’s idea,” he said, remembering Miguel Cotto Sr., who died in 2010.

“I want to give continuity to my father’s desire to give boxing a little of what boxing gave to his son, to me. That’s why we are working hard to provide the best opportunities for these children”.

Cotto also revealed that he held talks with Juan Manuel Marquez regarding possible exposure, but a potential deal fell through at the last minute.

“I’m open to all possibilities. It’s an exhibition, we’ll do our best without hurting each other, we’ll try not to overheat.”

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