Reviews | Service academies are at an impasse between authority and awakening

However, USNA management, which has no experience in higher education and uses a top-down authority model for a university environment, wants to retain these student opinion forms for dealing with people like me. . About 15 years after I started teaching English at the USNA in 1987, I began writing critically about the academy. USNA officials fired me. But if they use these forms with people like Ms. Chun, whom they have to hold back for the current political agenda, the result will be even more bad publicity.

In my situation, they used a right-wing student’s complaints that I had taken positions he didn’t like (like changing the no-sex policy on the USNA campus) as a pretext to fire me. The USNA allegation was that I did not “respect” the students. A Merit Systems Protection Board judge dismissed each of his claims, concluding that the student was trying to get revenge for a lower grade than he thought he deserved. For the administration, anything that stifles dissent is justified.

Ms. Chun should know that tenure does not guarantee the USNA anything. I have it and I was fired anyway, before being reinstated. The USNA is not primarily an academic institution; it’s a vain brass project that costs taxpayers a lot of money and produces less than one in five new naval officers.

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