Shakur Stevenson: ‘Bud is the best fighter in boxing, if Canelo was at his weight, Bud would beat Canelo’

Published on 02/23/2022

By: Hans Themistos

Depending on when you watched, the top spot on most pound-for-pound lists will often fluctuate between Canelo Alvarez and Terence Crawford.

However, in Shakur Stevenson’s mind, there should be no debate between the two.

“Bud [Terence Crawford] is the best fighter in boxing,” Stevenson said during an interview with

Alvarez, now 31, has seemingly cemented his ranking as the best fighter in the world after his recent run at 168 pounds. After snatching the light heavyweight title from Sergey Kovalev in November 2019, Alvarez dropped into the super middleweight division. Once there, he wasted no time in stripping every belt holder of their champion status.

First up for Alvarez was a date with Callum Smith. He easily navigated around Smith’s waist and reached advantages to score a one-sided unanimous decision. Avni Yildirim was easily knocked out in February 2020. Alvarez barely broke a sweat before stopping him in the third round.

Following those two wins, Alvarez took no prisoners in his fights against Billy Joe Saunders and Caleb Plant. With all four super middleweight titles now in his possession, Alvarez became the first undisputed 168-pound champion of all time.

While impressive, Crawford has also reached great heights. Most recently, the 34-year-old slugger from Omaha, Nebraska became the first man to stop Shawn Porter in their November 2021 showdown.

More than anything, Stevenson has seen up close and personal what Crawford is capable of. After spending a lot of time learning from Crawford and racking his brains at numerous training camps, Stevenson is impressed with his all-around skills.

The only way to officially end the debate between Alvarez and Crawford would be to pair them up in the ring. But, given that they fight about three to four weight classes apart, it is highly unlikely that a showdown between them will occur. That said, Stevenson wants to play a hypothetical matchmaker.

In a perfect world, if Crawford were in or around the same weight class as Alvarez, Stevenson would pay top dollar to see them face off. And, more importantly, while he respects Alvarez and ranks him extremely high on his personal pound-for-pound list, in his theoretical matchup, Stevenson sees Crawford coming out on top.

“If Canelo was at his weight, I’m telling you all now, Bud would beat Canelo,” Stevenson continued to “Canelo is a very good fighter. I just feel like if he was in the ring with Bud, I think Bud would send him. The best chance he would have would be a chance for a puncher to try and take out Bud. Other than that, I feel like Bud is the best fighter for me.

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