Shannon Briggs vs. “Rampage” Jackson? »July 12, 2021


Former two-time heavyweight champion Shannon “The Cannon” Briggs (60-6-1, 53 KOs) and former MMA superstar world champion Quentin “Rampage” Jackson have recently exchanged impassioned social media messages. So much so that the duo would now like to settle their differences in the square circle.® spoke to everyone on the same topic.

Shannon Briggs: “A lot of people say I started boxing in line. That I went too far. That I bit more than I can chew when I called Suzy Q. He thinks that ‘he’s tough but he’s soft as a cupcake Suzy Q. A lot of MMA guys think boxers are soft and they want to dive in the pool. He just took a dip but I emptied the pool at the last second. I admit that their hands have evolved but never to the level where they can take a ride with me Suzy Q as I always say: “Let’s go champions!”

Quinton Jackson: “Shannon called me. I’ve always wanted to try a boxing match. I say to myself why not? I know Shannon is a former heavyweight champion, but I was thrown into the hands of Wolves early in my MMA career so I don’t hesitate to do some big fights. I want to show the boxing world that some MMA fighters can box too.

“I know Shannon has more experience than me in this area, but I feel like I have the advantage because he is going to underestimate me. I want to shock the world and keep them entertained at the same time. I want to be the poster for MMA. The spokesperson, president and representative of MMA against boxing. Do you feel what I’m (shitting) here? It doesn’t end with the old ass Shannon “the she-man” Cannon, but for anyone who wants to be embarrassed by losing to an MMA fighter. It is time for my sport to receive the respect it deserves.

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